2023 Kia Niro: Women’s Car of the Year.

Five Candidates Beaten by Crossover

The Women’s Car of the Year for 2023 is the Kia Niro, judging by the opinion of sixty-three auto journalists from 43 different countries. A total of 59 vehicles were evaluated and after careful consideration, it was decided to make the Niro the victor on International Women’s Day.

Journalists evaluated the greatest cars in six divisions and declared their decisions last month, with the Kia Niro outranking the others to be crowned as the World’s Best Car of 2023. It faced strong competition from vehicles such as the Audi RS3, Citroen C5 X, Ford Ranger, Jeep Avenger and Nissan X-Trail, each of which had already been successful in their respective categories.

“This year’s election was especially tough due to the high caliber of all the nominees,” declared Marta Garcia, executive president of WWCOTY. “Each of the finalists had enough merit to be crowned the winner.”

American reporter Elana Scherr conveyed the Niro provided a “complete bundle”, while Belgium’s Sabrina Parant depicted it as an auto that “proceeds to awe me”. Inhabitant of India, Renuka Kirpalani stated that the Niro was an “down-to-earth, little city vehicle that furnishes you with everything you require at a reasonable cost.”

In late 2021, Kia initially presented the recently introduced Niro, featuring its new styling. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until April of the subsequent year that US consumers got to know the particulars of the US edition. The Niro was strongly affected by the Habaniro concept of 2019, reintroducing itself in the US with the hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric powertrains.

The crossover is bigger than its predecessor, lending it greater passenger and cargo capacity. The interior subsequently got a drastic revamp. Now the dashboard runs with a dual-screen system containing all the up-to-the-minute features that customers crave such as air-conditioned front seats, wireless smartphone charging, an eight-speaker Harman Kardon sound set-up and more on offer.

Last year, a diverse lineup of fifty-six female journalists from 40 different nations gave the Peugeot 308 the esteemed honor of “Women’s Car of the Year Award” for 2022. There were 65 possible contenders up for consideration.

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