31 Yrs Later: Abandoned Austin Healey Sprite Gets Its First Wash

Ecstatic Car Makeover: A Sprite Transformed
Free Abandoned Car: Austin Healey Sprite First Wash in 31 Years! Satisfying Detail Restoration

The Austin Heley Sprite is an undeniably cheery vehicle. Produced between 1958 and 1971, they ooze a feeling of joy, exuberance and adorableness. Therefore, it’s incredibly disheartening to witness one being given up on and left exposed to the ravages of nature; like a heart-breaking image from an animal shelter advert. One can almost hear Sarah McLachlan quavering sorrowfully in the backdrop, as the rusty Sprite helplessly deteriorates away.

Fortuitously, WD Detailing had a golden opportunity to bring back from the brink a treasured relic. When the proprietor of the junkyard saw their craftsmanship in revitalizing the decrepit Volvo 740 wagon a few weeks ago, he provided them with the means to restore the Sprite, free of charge, as long as they were able to rejuvenate the motorcar.

Restoring a car can be quite laborious, yet reestablishing a vehicle that has been fortifying the garage for 31 years? The Austin Healey Sprite appears intact generally, with its motor and inside parts relatively unscathed. However, essaying a revival and making it visibly attractive might demonstrate to be an overwhelming undertaking.

The WD Detailing team works hard to eradicate any leaves, dirt, and other mess in the vehicle before proceeding to hose it down. Despite their efforts, they come across a hurdle when taking out the chairs. As is common with most automobiles from that period – and specifically British cars – the Sprite is composed of corroded components that seem to proudly resist attempts at convenience.

This automobile is possibly a parts car or somebody’s long-term initiative requiring considerable expenses and effort. Even tidying it up necessitates unorthodox techniques – a high pressure cleaner is insufficient; the rest of the dirt have to be scraped off with sandpaper.

The grime is eventually eliminated, allowing the red color from Sprite’s paint to radiate again — with exception to those sections that had corroded away. With the engine bay, wheels, and inside cleansed thoroughly, a nice patina develops for the car. It is remarkable to witness the transition of the automobile from an incubator of rodents and a potential source of tetanus to a pristine and palatable vehicle fit for a proper home.

Source: WD Detailing via YouTube

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