AC Unveils Cobra GT Roadster in April

Alluring Automobiles with AC’s Revival

AC Cars, the United Kingdom’s celebrated automakers, has declared that they will unveil their fresh Cobra GT edition in April. The superlative models will be crafted at their modernised base located in Donington. If you are experiencing a familiarity between this piece of information and the ‘Shelby’ moniker, that is as the iconic AC Cobra was what later changed into the Shelby Cobra.

Whilst Shelby was performing wild modifications to the AC Cobra and then later the Ford Mustang, the company continued manufacturing its other sports cars at a high-end level up until the 1980s before going dead silent. To sum up drastically, the brand remained in circulation, yet it wasn’t until recently that AC declared an official come back.

The remarkable Cobra GT Roadster is the culmination of a collective of skilled engineers, presenting an unprecedented limited-edition high-performance sports car fashioned in the United Kingdom with cutting-edge racing specifications. This contemporaneous vehicle does not contain any pieces off the original version but attempts to recall it by its styling.

The result of AC Claims is a classic vehicle with the most current materials and technology, such as “augmentation of analog instruments with Digital Glass displays”, while still preserving the traditional feel with hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind details for the interior. And that’s before even considering the power figures.

The all-new Cobra GT Roadster puts out an impressive 645 horsepower and 575 lb-ft of torque from a robust V8 engine. Even with electrical windows, air conditioning, and a state-of-the-art infotainment system installed, the vehicle has a total mass of 3,307 pounds. A certain Carroll Shelby surely would give his approval for such an achievement! AC proclaims that its lineup will be full of extra features and choices when it is officially launched.

“The design for the AC Cobra was a tricky one: to bring the classic car into the 21st century, yet in a way that respected its history,” explains Samuel Chuffart, Global Design Director of Icona Group. “The final result is a roadster that has been updated with modern technology and ergonomics, while still maintaining its classic style and power.” He adds, “It is an Iconic everyday supercar that cannot be matched in terms of power and glamour.”

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