America’s #1 Electric Van: Ford E-Transit

A Year of Major Impact on the Road

Exactly a year ago, the Ford E-Transit All-Electric Van became available in both the United States and Canada – and to celebrate this milestone, the Blue Oval brand have delivered some intriguing facts and figures. Ever since February 2022, the electric van has been driven for over 12 million miles, amassing around 745,000 gallons of fuel being saved and more than 4.3 kg of Carbon Dioxide emissions being avoided when compared with utilizing the non-electric Transit vehicle. Additionally, the shortened roof height version of the E-Transit reportedly has the capability to reduce the CO2 output by roughly 57% during its overall lifetime.

As part of their immense investment in electrification, Ford has launched the E-Transit to help combat climate change and make a fantastic option for businesses. According to S&P Global Mobility’s findings, out of the 30 different sectors they have identified, the E-Transit is the number one choice for 28 of them; especially in industries such as construction, retailing, and governmental organisations.

“The revolution of battery electric technology adoption by businesses is happening on a global scale, and E-Transit is leading the charge,” stated Ted Cannis, CEO of Ford Pro. “It’s only been a year since E-Transit hit the roads, yet it has already made a significant impression – and we are just getting started.”

“It’s the best-selling electric van in not just the US and Canada but also Europe,” Ford proudly proclaims. Last December, an impressive 6,500 units were sold in the US alone and the E-Transit is now available in all 50 states. As the first to market with a mass-produced EV van, Ford is reaping the benefits – they report that “roughly 61% of the electric van market today” is represented by their model.

Currently, the only major competitor to the Ford E-Transit is the recently unveiled Mercedes-Benz eSprinter. In the immediate future, a few additional challengers are expected, mainly the delivery van designed and manufactured by Rivian, which it has exclusive ties to Amazon. Concurrently, FedEx is presently testing the E-Transit in a pilot program.

In anticipation of the incoming rush, Ford is turning to an unorthodox approach to extend the range of the E-Transit: warming up the inner compartment rather than relying on the normal ventilation. This adjustment has apparently resulted in an added 10 miles of range for each charge. To meet the requirement, amplifying production of the E-Transit at the Kansas City Assembly Plant will start in April.

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