Angry Attitude: M140i transformed into 700-HP BMW M2 Hatch

Boosting Performance: Stage 3 Tune, Hybrid Turbo, and Methanol Injected Car

The BMW 1 Series may not be considered the ultimate Bimmer for an exhilarating driving experience, but one passionate M140i owner has gone above and beyond in modifying his hatchback to turn it into a thrilling pocket rocket. Inspired by a recently built V8 version of the 1 Series, this transformation envisions the F21 hatch with the iconic styling of a BMW M2. This particular M140i has been significantly upgraded beyond just a boost in power, showcasing the potential of the compact hatchback. Its performance enhancements have elevated it to a whole new level, making it a top contender for enthusiasts seeking high-speed thrills. And its striking resemblance to the revered M2 only adds to its appeal.The exterior of this heavily reworked 1 Series boasts a sleek and aggressive look, thanks to the addition of M2-inspired styling elements. From the wide front grille to the large air intakes and quad exhaust pipes, every detail exudes a sense of power and speed. The bold and sporty appearance is further highlighted by the striking red accents that contrast perfectly against the matte black paint job.Under the hood, the modifications continue with a significant increase in power. The engine has been fine-tuned to produce even more horsepower and torque, allowing this compact

Luke, the proprietor, purchased the automobile in a altered condition, with its output reaching approximately 500 hp. However, he desired an even greater amount and thus provided the 3.0-liter B58 turbocharged straight-six motor with various enhancements to achieve his goal of 700 hp.

BMW has a tendency to utilize inexpensive plastic materials, prompting the upgrade of charge piping. Additionally, the vehicle received a larger hybrid turbo configuration for improved air flow, along with a newly installed front-mount induction kit featuring a sprayer. An R-sport charge cooler and high-pressure fuel pump were also added. In order to maintain optimal octane and temperature levels, methanol injection was implemented.


The back box of the exhaust has been recently replaced in order to fit the four-pipe M design, while a RTS hybrid clutch has also been incorporated to handle the increased power. This leads us to the highlight feature of this 1 Series – a slick six-speed manual transmission, specially optimized for seamless shifting. Despite significant enhancements in power, the BMW’s brakes have remained unaltered since its initial production.

As previously stated, the design of this car is clearly influenced by M cars. However, upon closer inspection, it seems that the bumpers have been modified after production, as there are no alterations to the fenders. This indicates that this is not a complete widebody model and, aside from the increased width of the aftermarket wheels, it maintains the same track as a regular 1 Series.

The 1-Series has received a noticeable upgrade with the addition of fresh mirror covers, a dynamic roof spoiler, extensions to the side skirts, and a front splitter. The vehicle’s interior maintains its original state with vivid red leather seats; however, the steering wheel has been replaced with a non-original version adorned with carbon fiber accents and carved finger grips. A BMW M Performance shifter and gear boot is also present, featuring vibrant red stitching. A reinforced stabilizer bar can be found in the trunk, promising enhanced agility while driving.

Luke is currently devising a strategy to increase the power of his vehicle and upgrade to larger, sturdier brakes. However, we strongly urge him to prioritize the latter first, considering the fact that the roads he frequents are typically wet.

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