Audi Q5: Last Look Before 2024 Debut

40 Spy Shots of Dual Exhaust Prototypes

Audi has descended upon northern Europe to bestow the concluding touches on the new Q5. Outwardly, it’s obvious the staggered debut is nearly here as these prototypes exhibit the final fabrication body, head- and taillamps. Spied was a batch of cars exhibiting varied trim grades due to their unequal dual exhaust setup.

The first sight is of a small luxurious sport utility vehicle with elements of the fully electric Q4 E-Tron. Nevertheless, it’s effortless to detect the purposeful front grille critical for cooling the petrol engine. Happily, the grille appears more diminutive than the departing model’s. Those vertical slots in the edges of the front bumper are almost definitely there for the air scoops.

Having applied the full disguise, the side-view of the 2024 Q5 somewhat resembles the Q4 E-Tron; nonetheless, it is definite that the devil is in the minutiae. As soon as the camouflage is removed, certain substantial dissimilarities will become clear, setting the gasoline and electric variations apart. It is noteworthy that these two models are running upon two distinctly distinct platforms – MLB Evo is what the Q5 utilizes, while the Q4 E-Tron relies on MEB, the exclusively electric platform.

Toward the back, usually it’s possible to observe a LED light bar inconspicuously placed beside the smooth headlights. Diametrically opposite to the bulky Q7, we can now make out the shape of the tailgate has been completely altered – its silhouette effectively splitting the taillights in two. This probably implies that the loading capacity will keep to a minimum this time round.

Rumors have been springing up about the potential for a lessened version or possibly the great S Line, and it can now be confirmed that an SQ5 is certainly on its way. Spies have captured test cars featuring a quadruple-exhaust setup, so it becomes a matter of waiting to see if Audi has chosen to go ahead and supply their BMW X3 opponent with its first RS treatment. If they have, we anticipate the next RS4 Avant having a plug-in hybrid setup.

Previously caught spy photos have uncovered a greatly updated dashboard with a considerable, tablet-like monitor bulging from the dash. Unlike with the existing Q5, where the digital instrument panel is flawlessly incorporated into the dashboard, its alternative will have an individualized display. Vehicle paparazzi detected a considerable Quattro badge on the center console, which contained some ordinary controls. Nevertheless, most of the characteristics will be obtainable via the big touchscreen.

The recently released Q5 is thought to be the parting offering to exploit Internal Combustion Engines, featuring an array of hybrid combustion machinery which will be also found in the upcoming A4/A5. Rumor has it that a Plug-In Hybrid version is set to appear and we are expecting the V6 engine to remain available during its tenure.

Watch out for an anticipated roll out later in 2021, presumably after the A4/A5 makes its premiere.

Source: CarPix

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