Audi Releases RS e-tron GT Special Editions

America-Only Audi RS e-tron GT 513/2 Edition

Audi of America has announced a special edition of the Audi RS e-tron GT electric sedan, titled ‘Project_513/2’, that will be limited to only 75 units in the United States. Drawing inspiration from the original e-tron GT concept, this special run was commissioned by Audi of America to allow customers to experience the look of a concept car on a daily basis. The project is a testament to the capabilities of Audi exclusive, the carmaker’s customization division.

Never previously has Audi made available a camouflage finish straight from their facility. Yet the RS e-tron GT project_513/2 is now receiving this custom wrap exactly from the company – mimicking the camo employed by the concept as it was being produced. Red and black, the autograph colors of Audi Sport, are the primary hues spotlighted in addition to a digi-camo structure. This time, Audi’s signature four rings are then included in red color on both the front and rear of the car.

Audi RS e-tron GT project_513/2 Special Edition Looks Just Like The Concept

Accentuating its distinctive qualities, 21-inch five-double spoke concave aero wheel rims feature a glossy black hue finished with red brake calipers for the ceramic brakes. Moreover, in order to recognize this version as particularly special, the ‘internal codename’ of the project is printed onto the quarter glass at the back – referencing the segment, generation, and silhouette of the vehicle.

The interior of the vehicle carries a strong red and black theme, with details such as air vents, steering wheel, floor mats, seatbelts, headliner, door inlays, mirror caps and door sills being executed in said colors. Nappa leather is quilted in honeycomb-pattern to give off a sophisticated touch as well as featuring an illuminated “RS” logo on the sills. On top of that, carbon fiber details can be spotted throughout the cabin, including the roof and exterior inlays.

Perhaps the most impressive detail isn’t the “project_513/2” embossing on the center armrest, but rather the carbon fiber trim inlays in the dash. Instead of having regular woven carbon fiber, these panels feature camo graphics that match the exterior wrap. To achieve this effect, Audi patented a “partial matting” process when it came to weaving the fibers. This process is incredibly intricate, measuring thousandths of a millimeter deep and is primarily crafted by hand.

The infotainment display even has its own exceptional and custom manufactured background, specific to this exclusive edition.

Based on the RS e-tron GT instead of the everyday e-tron, the 75 buyers will each receive 637 horsepower from a dual-motor powertrain, allowing for a 0-60 mph launch in only 3.1 seconds. Because of the distinctive two-speed transmission at the back axle, theRS e-tron GT won’t be exhausted when it reaches freeway speeds, either.

Standard rear-wheel directive augments the Electric Vehicle’s prowess with up to 2.8 degrees of turning, either in the same orientation or opposite orientation to the front tires depending on velocity.

Audi initially provided an intriguing extra for clients of the e-tron car – a safe covering featuring the same camouflage design that was on the first model so you could park your vehicle and make it similar to the original prototype. It is evident purchasers welcomed this concept, stimulating Audi of America to seriously consider rolling out an entire special edition of the authentic article.

When it comes to pricing, the cost of being unique and having one-of-a-kind status amounts to $179,900 plus a $1,495 fee for delivery, and most puzzlingly, an additional $595 is added for the metallic paint finish which Audi is hiding behind their exclusive wrap.

Sales will begin this spring and it is anticipated that the entire quantity of 75 items will sell out in a flash.

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