Audi S4 Avant Renovated: Smaller Grille Spotted in Winter Test

Super Wagon’s Chunky Winter Tire Ride

The future may be electric in the German city of Ingolstadt, yet there is still a bit more time for a final fling with performance cars displaying the sought-after Four Rings. No, we aren’t talking about the TT and R8 as they have been taken out of production without immediate replacements in view. The bright side of things is a couple of zesty models sporting S and RS labels are on approach to provide the conventional Internal Combustion Engine’s swansong. One such machine was recently caught on camera by our sources, situated in the northern corner of Europe.

Rumor has it that the new car is going to transition to bear the S5 Avant name (it’s a bit confusing, we know). An up-close and more personal look at the sporty luxury wagon shows that it is almost production ready, matching the prototypes of its A4 Avant successor. Clearly visible in the photos, the final headlights and tail lights on the vehicle, along with all body panels, point towards it being an S variant – meaning, you can’t miss the four exhaust tips that are beautifully put side by side to the tow bar.

The petite front grille has brought a welcome shake-up to the scene, and it looks as though Audi will be taking lessons from this into their upcoming models. There is now an isolated air intake positioned below, and the Quattro-style horizontal slat above the grille appears to have been done away with. The prototype, further, presented complex matrix LED headlights combined with vertical air curtains at the corners of the torso.

The upcoming S4/S5 Avant is rumored to be a stylishly powerful station wagon, and could potentially look even more impressive with low-profile tires, larger rims, and signature red brake calipers. As of now, no spy shots of the plain sedan version have been seen, either in the S or standard form.

It is rumoured that Audi might be making the shift of their A4 to the A5 lineup, which would also result in the ending of the production of their Sedan range. The A5 Sportback already stands and it has not yet been confirmed whether this move will take place; however, with SUVs and crossovers being so popular nowadays it is possible that the organisation have carried out calculations and worked out that producing both the A4 Sedan and A5 Sportback is not profitable. All will become clear in time.

A further sizable concern is the powertrain of this upcoming vehicle. Will there be a 3.0-liter V6, or will AMG opt for a smaller two-litre, four-cylinder motor? The inclusion of that motor in the C63 Estate has tapped worried speculation about a downsized engine for the S4 Avant’s substitute. Even so, many anticipate some type of electrification – potentially a hybrid 48V system, or perhaps even a plug-in electric vehicle project.

Regardless, this will mark the finish line for combustion engines from Audi, as they are set to introduce entirely electric vehicles beginning in 2026. In 2033 they intend to end production of internal combustion engines, with an allowance being granted in China should there be a greater demand for them.

Source: CarPix


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