Buy World’s Fastest Motorhome for $95,000!

1977 GMC Motorhome: 502 V8, 700hp w/ Nitrous

Motorhomes are not necessarily known for their speed. Due to their size, weight, and design, getting a higher top speed is usually not a priority. However, if you’re looking for a capable camper with speedy capabilities, then this might just be the ideal match. There’s an impressive 1977 GMC Motorhome currently going up for sale on Facebook Marketplace in Englewood, Colorado. It holds the records for achieving 121.5 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats! And the asking price is $95,000.

In order to achieve extreme velocity, the motorhome includes a fuel-injected 8.23-liter Chevrolet V8 with nitrous injection, producing roughly 700 horsepower. This power is supplied to a Turbo-Hydramatic 425 automatic transmission and limited-slip differential.

The RV is street legal; however, the standard kitchen, bathroom, bed, and other luxuries have been removed in order to lighten the load and optimize top speed. Now featuring a single passenger seat, an enclosed roll cage, andfuel storage cell, it has been transformed into a custom-made cockpit with sleek aluminum dash panels as well as an individualized instrumentation system complete with data logging capabilities. For added security and convenience, a camera system has been mounted for side and back views when driving.

The overhauled exterior has been given a striking scheme of black, white, and gold with large decals adorning the windows to help increase attention regarding CMT, the neurological disorder. To gain maximum velocity, one can outfit their car with a front splitter and side skirts for better aerodynamic capabilities.

In the month of August 2016, this motorhome proudly achieved a world speed record. While driving one way, it is said that the vehicle travelled 122.156 mph, per official information found on the project’s website. Nevertheless, the average rate for the two-way journey is what has been officially annotated in history books.

It is claimed by the merchant that this recreational vehicle was featured in multiple magazines such as Autoweek, Popular Mechanics, Hot Rod and Germany’s Auto Bild.

These GMC Motorhomes are very highly sought-after these days, and one like this could hardly be found again. Conceivably, an individual who isn’t of an extreme desire to obtain fast speeds may choose to bring back features such as a lavatory and pantry into this motor vehicle. The existing large V8 engine would still offer noteworthy performance, plus the extra functionality provided would be welcomed.

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Source: Facebook via The Drive

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