Camping in a Cabin: A School Bus Conversion

A Woodland of Natural Wood
Thoughtfully Designed School Bus Tiny Home

Buses are more than just suitable for ferrying boisterous children to school. Contemporarily they have been gaining much traction as choice vehicles to refashion into motorhomes. Embarking on this endeavor is often considerably more economical than buying a regular bus, which is precisely what one artist did. He purchased an International 1983 model that measured roughly 27 feet long and transformed it into his perfect roving office and domicile.

Mike, the proprietor, wanted to revive the atmosphere of a cabin, using a plentiful of natural wood in the interior design. Thus, producing a welcoming and cozy environment with people coming in through the living area. On one side, there’s a lovely small sofa which conceals the power packs for the solar panels. Opposite to it is concealed an 88-key keyboard on which Mike composes musical pieces. Behind the keyboard is a retractable television, fitted with a function that can raise or lower as well as double up as his computer screen.

Adjacent to the lounge is a wood-burning stove featuring a stone facade. The kitchen is situated near the hearth. It contains a miniature fridge, a three-flame propane cooktop, as well as cabinets atop and underneath the timber counter.

At the rear lies a bed encircled by the bedroom, and underneath this area is utilized for multiple intentions. It contains Mike’s drawers for garments, but can also be raised to exhibit a modest space for storing additional food stuff, wood for the oven, tools and other goods. Additionally, this room boasts Mikes fresh water tank and heater too, the access of which is available from the back.

A minuscule humid restroom is situated in the region between the sleeping area and the wood-burning range. The vehicle has a roof deck as well, which can be approached inside by means of the top lid. The terrace is paired with the sunlight cells on the roof. It took Mike two lengthy years to construct the coach.

We have reviewed numerous customized buses here on, and each has been one of a kind similar to this one. These handcrafted conversions enable proprietors to instill their individualism and originality into their wheeled residences, leading an existence on the highway as they wish.

Source: Tiny Home Tours / YouTube

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