Chevy Chevelle Blazes Track w/ 3300-HP 9.2L V8

’66 Chevelle: Out Of This World Look, Sound, and Speed

What kind of speed can a vintage car achieve? This 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle is a testament to the remarkable velocity that such a classic ride can deliver; it is truly awe-inspiring.

The glorious vehicle is the handiwork of Craig Shefchik, who earlier got it highlighted on Race Your Ride YouTube channel to enable others to witness its marvelous body work. This unmarked white Chevelle is unmistakably fashioned after its classic ancestor.

Scarcely an annum since its inception, the performance automobile is presently stronger than what the architects of the original Chevelle ever dreamed possible. Permit’s delve into the facts.


A certain peculiarity of the drag racer is generated by its bare appearance; without embellishments, grilles or colouring on the facade and analogous plainness on the sides.

A space in the low front bumper implies the automobile holds immense potential, and true to that promise, a ProCharger brings 9.2 liters of “AJPE” (an Alan Johnson conception) aluminum V8 power – brought about by Fowler Engines of Ohio and providing 3300 horsepower.

All the particulars encompass a Fuel Tech EFI mechanism in an accession to many other gratuity elements such as a peculiar ‘Frankenstein billet intake.’ Could it be precisely this piece that bestows on the vehicle its absurd noise? Checked and Fixed: Other details include a Fuel Tech EFI system and many other components including an intriguing part called a ‘Frankenstein billet intake’ – perhaps it is that part that gives the car its scary sound. All the particulars encompass a Fuel Tech EFI mechanism in addition to many other bonus components, such as a peculiar ‘Frankenstein billet intake.’ Could it be precisely this element that grants the vehicle its eerie noise?

Craig is accountable for the chassis, body, electronics, and fuel system, while Sandra Shefchik is also present at Byron Dragway for the car’s last opportunity to qualify for the Top Dog racing series.

We can pick up the commentator’s voice as Craig’s Chevelle with its ProCharger outfitted engine pulls into the drag strip, declaring it to be one of the loudest vehicles to have ever graced the area.

The vehicle puts on a show by performing a classic burnout and then preparing for its initial eighth-mile lap. It executes this shot effortlessly recording a time of 4:42 and an impressive speed of 176 mph. Unfortunately, on its subsequent try it logged a 5:15 at 156 mph after encountering a minor hiccup that disrupted it during the run.

The second lap sees a showdown between the black Chevrolet Camaro SS that made it through with an impressive 4:96 timing at 117 mph. This 1966 classic Chevy Chevelle construction exudes an abundance of potential; gauging its worth would admittedly be difficult, due to the immense effort and selection of parts involved. Yet certain traits make it more tangible to figuratively assign a figure to this venerable Chevelle.

According to the market assessments provided by Hagerty, the 4.6-liter 1966 Chevy Chevelle is valued at a mere $10,000. However,’s figures show that the average worth of the ’66 Chevelle stands at around $54,000, especially for models such as the SS-396.

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