Closing the Gap: Land Rover’s New Convertible Defender Arrives

Coachbuilders will fill the void if Land Rover falls short.

The initial version of the Defender was available in various options, however, its contemporary counterpart is restricted to the 90, 110, and the larger 110 models. While there used to be a pickup truck option, Land Rover has chosen not to create another convertible version. But for those yearning for the exhilaration of open-air driving, there is reason to rejoice – Heritage Customs, a Dutch coachbuilding company, has removed the roof from the off-road vehicle.

Based on the Defender 90, the Valiance Convertible offers a collapsible cloth roof which creates a striking contrast against its vibrant Sunbeam Yellow exterior. This is the brand’s second adaptation, succeeding a previous model with stunning white steel wheels that was released almost a year prior. The most recent version boasts a more attention-grabbing look, featuring larger dual-tone rims, with the added bonus of a fifth door spare wheel attachment.

Heritage Customs took things a step further in their modifications for this Defender 90. In addition to removing the fixed hardtop to accommodate an electrically folding roof, they also installed a full roll cage for increased durability and protection. The interior underwent a makeover as well, with the addition of striking yellow stitching that complements the bold exterior. The seats were upgraded with luxurious black quilted leather, while the dashboard boasts 3D inlays crafted from intricately etched aluminum. And for a unique touch, this particular Defender 90 features the optional central front seat upon closer examination.

At Heritage Customs, you won’t find any ready-made Defender Valiance Convertibles in their inventory. These bespoke cars require a minimum of three months to craft and come with a starting price of €82,500 (equivalent to almost $90,000), not including the donor car and applicable taxes. However, the company has recently increased its production capacity and is preparing to unveil its latest Valiance Convertible project.

2024 marks the end of an era for SUV convertibles as Volkswagen reveals that the T-Roc Convertible will soon be phased out. This announcement comes as a surprise as these types of vehicles have become increasingly rare and the T-Roc Convertible was one of the last remaining options on the market. Unfortunately, after only one generation, this model will no longer be produced.

Many may recall that, in addition to the classic Defender, Land Rover also had another combination of a convertible and an SUV in their lineup. This was known as the short-lived Evoque Convertible.

Source: Heritage Customs

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