Dad Demolishes Son’s BMW 3 Series To Avoid Drunk Driving

He Learned His Lesson

This Monday may be the oddest narrative you’ll come across this seven days. A formerly-flawless BMW E92 Coupe has suddenly taken a turn for the worse, necessitating some critical patching. Yet, thankfully, this isn’t due to an unlucky incident but instead a deliberate act of force at the hands of one whom we’d least anticipate this kind of behavior from – his own father! Though his wanting may have been nobly-intended, seeking to keep the son away from intoxicated driving, the dad did give a beatings to the motor vehicle.

Since he was unsuccessful in persuading his inebriated offspring to relinquish the keys, the parent decided to take things into his own hands. What did he do? He intentionally damaged the upscale sports car, wielding a pickaxe to break the glass and also mar the body and wheels. Looking back, it would likely have been more affordable just to deflate the tires without damaging the pristine BMW.

A startling event occurred at the start of the month in northern Spain, prompting passersby to alerted law enforcement representatives in Logroño — a town situated in the La Rioja jurisdiction. When the police arrived, they noticed an SUV rapidly departing the scene. Subsequently, officials with another police car stopped the vehicular and discerned the identities of its two occupants. The father served as the operator while the passenger was his intoxicated 32-year-old son.

The dad continued to disclose the details of the incident, confessing that he had a dispute with his child. Subsequent to failing to take away his keys, he resorted to using a pickaxe to vandalize the BMW E92 – the last 3 Series Coupe produced by BMW before switching over to the 4 Series range in 2013.

It is to be hoped that the boy was in fact able to garner a lesson from his dad’s unorthodox tactics. Although what seems to have been a fine charged against the father has not been made public by Logroño’s press bureau, reasoning posits it likely happened, ultimately for the better. Ultimately this case had a positive outcome as driving an assumed rear wheel drive vehicle under intoxication could have produced far direr effects than the destruction of a few windows and the denting of a car body.

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Source: Logroño Press Office via Peridoismo del Motor


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