Designer’s McLaren P1 Upgrades Baby Safety: Babyark

Carbon-Fiber Frame: $990 Starting Price

Frank Stephenson’s impressive portfolio in automotive design is nothing short of awe-inspiring, having worked on vehicles such as the Ferrari F430, Maserati MC12, McLaren P1, and the revived Mini Cooper R50. Now, however, he has shifted his focus to an entirely different kind of automotive-related endeavour. His company, Frank Stephenson Design, has created the Babyark – a baby seat that is being touted as the “world’s safest baby seat.”

The impressive safety features of the Babyark are a result of advanced materials. The frame is made out of carbon fiber, while the base contains extendable steel coils that absorb energy and reduce the forward velocity in collisions. The side-impact protection is derived from the platelike bones found in woodpeckers. Furthermore, the headrest utilizes D30, a miraculous anti-shock polymer.

In the event of a collision, 14 distinct sensors, comprising of accelerometers and gyroscopes, provide reassurance to the owner that it is safe to continue using the seat. Furthermore, this system can inform caregivers when the seating has been suitably fitted in the vehicle. Additionally, with an app, owners are reminded if they have forgotten somebody in the car.

The Babyark comfortably suits children with heights up to 49 inches and weights that range between 4 and 65 pounds. Parents have the choice of either mounting it facing the front or to the rear.

During production, the Babyark was subjected to more than 200 crash trials for judging the likelihood of head and chest traumas. Whereas most infant car seats have an expiry date, this enterprise maintains that the carbon fiber and steel substances don’t deteriorate with time. A complimentary maintenance inspection is provided 10 years subsequent to obtaining the goods.

One Year In The Life Of A Professional Designer

In the video showcased higher up, Stephenson discusses his preceding 12 months operating, comprising the production of the Babyark.

Pre-orders for the Babyark are open now, with deliveries set to commence on May 31st 2023. You can get the product at its current price of $990; after sales begin, the cost will be raised to $1,190. According to the company, the child seat has been designed to fit in more than eighty percent of vehicles, and users can make use of a compatibility checker tool hosted on the website. Upon buying the piece of kit, customers are eligible for a complimentary 100 day trial period where they can return it for a refund if required.

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