Fiat 600: An Upgrade from 500X Crossover

Fiat Revives 600 Badge for Crossover

After almost a decade on the market, it is now confirmed through its spies shots that a swap for the 2023 Fiat 500X is being checked and assessed.

As a prompt, it should be noted that the 500X is a small SUV based on the same platform as the Jeep Renegade/Compass and the now discontinued 500L. Initially, this vehicle was the third member of the 500 line; however, at present, it is the single model still available in the United States.

We have never been admirers of the 500X, however, this replacement model speculated to be designated the Fiat 600, could accomplish what its earlier version could not. It is presumed that the 600 will be operated on Fiat’s new STLA Small platform, which is suitable with both gasoline engines and electric motors/battery packs. This is precisely the same design being utilized by the upcoming Jeep Avenger, which unfortunately won’t be offered in America.

The test mule in these pictures appears to be the gasoline version, which is suggested by the grille openings and the absence of “electric vehicle” labels. This deduction can be made due to the unmistakable features that are present on the vehicle.

The exhaust may not be visible, but it could be tucked away in a more subtle location underneath the back bumper. The recent Fiat 500X did not possess an Abarth model, however the introduction of the 600 might mean that a sportier variant could be coming – this before the famous car maker transitions its range over to electric entirely. Abarth has already expressed a desire to go electric as well, and this is just one many potential routes that Fiat can explore.

The Avenger is presently accessible in the United Kingdom, featuring a 154 horse power motor on the front wheels. It is claimed to provide a range of 243.6 miles. Additionally, Jeep will be offering the Avenger in a gasoline-powered format, most likely employing engines from the Dodge Hornet and Alfa Tonale.

Snapshots of espionage provide a peek into the cockpit, exposing a large round digital gauge set and substantial centralised touchscreen.

The 500X and 600 appear to be big improvements on their predecessor. Moreover, it appears highly improbable that the 600 will be sold in the United States as the CEO of Fiat has declared that they intend to solely remain a single-model producer in this country with the 500e being validated for 2024.

Further information about the Fiat 600 is anticipated during the latter portion of 2023, with a likelihood of it being sold in North America.


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