Florida Seeks to Prohibit Dog Head Out Car Windows

Adorbale Traffic Sights Threatened

“Not content with banning books, Florida is now looking to ban pet owners from allowing their dogs to stick their heads out of car windows,” reports Fox News. State Senator Lauren Book has proposed an animal welfare bill that would prevent dog owners from allowing their furry friends to “extend its head or any other body part outside a motor vehicle window while the person is operating the motor vehicle on a public roadway.”

The legislation does not specify other creatures, thus if you are a resident of Florida and your pet alligator likes to get some breeze on its snout, you are in the clear.

The cuteness of a pup riding along with their snout in the breeze, enjoying all the smells, is undeniable, be it a Subaru Outback or a Ford F-150. Still, there exists substantial rationale for the restriction of this activity; it is only one component of an extensive animal welfare law which also targets cosmetic product testing through animals, cats unlawfully having their claws severed, and the opinionated construction of a public list comprising of abusers of animals.

It certainly isn’t suitable to allow canines to extend their heads out of the window when a car is in motion. This practice can be irritating for mucous membranes in the dogs nose and even more alarmingly, it can expose the dog’s head to danger from potential projectiles.

Contemplate what could occur if a hard-surface object like a rock or stone smashes the car window and has an effect on your canine. It may also cause serious damage to its eyes from dirt, rubble, and grit.

An interesting fact arises from the proposed piece of legislation: if it is approved, dogs must be tethered by a harness or in a pet seatbelt when being driven in cars. Effectively, this would prohibit individuals from operating vehicles while with their pooch on their lap, or to be unrestrained in truck beds on highways. This, in turn, is beneficial for automobile companies as the prevalence of pet-friendly laws is creating a new market for automotive goods suited towards animals.

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