Free Buick Up for Grabs to Date Son: Movie Promo

Jennifer Lawrence Dates Troubled Teen for Free Buick

If you’re a car enthusiast and have been frequenting social media sites such as Facebook and Reddit lately, you may have noticed something rather peculiar. On March 6, a peculiar post was seen on both sites, asking users to “Date” someone’s son. You can probably guess why the word date is in quotes. In exchange for this unusual request, the poster offered a free, low-mileage Buick Regal.

The average individual might find this funny, but for a type of passionate car freak, it’s pretty thrilling: hey, is that a supercharged Buick Regal GS? The interior appears to be fitted with leather and if it’s without rust and has only 40,000 miles covered – awesome, here we have a fixer-upper from Radwood era. From the factory it unleashes 240 horses, however some pulley tweaking along with a tune can turn it into an impressive speedster. Now, taking a few bux to bring your ride back to life, suddenly seems like a worthwhile deal! Don’t you think so?

It is definitely not correct, that is to say too lofty to be true. After this post had circumnavigated the Reddit site, it was found that it was really a ploy of viral promotion for a latest movie featuring Jennifer Lawrence titled No Hard Feelings. She represents Maddie, an Uber driver whose vehicle gets repossessed, in the movie and thus you can picture out the scenario right away. At the wish of his family members, she agrees to date an awkward 19-year-old named Percy (acted by Andrew Feldman) throughout the summertime.

A decidedly not-safe-for-work video trailer for the movie recently hit the internet, confirming the Buick proposition is indeed purely fictional. As for the film, Lawrence’s character pledges to “date his brains out,” and from there, hilarity ensues – or so we can assume from the trailer. We’re still trying to determine if the car featured is a Regal GS or not.

If Ms. Lawrence were to take this into consideration, she could likely give us a hint as to what lies beneath the bonnet of the auto. Furthermore, we would be pleased to have her discuss the Regal (and the corresponding movie) on our Rambling About Cars podcast.

Scour cinemas this summer for No Hard Feelings to arrive in theaters.

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Source: “Date” Our Son / Facebook

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