Genesis GV80 Facelift: Minor Tweaks Revealed

Luxury SUV Plus Coupe Option

The GV80 debuted as the inaugural SUV from Genesis when it was unveiled for the 2021 model year. Despite the early stage, evidence from a spy video appeared to be hinting that South Koreans are already busy working on a mid-cycle refresh of the luxurious vehicle. On when we will see this refurbished luxury SUV released, no concrete info is available yet though there’s already a glimpse of its speculated design.’s active colleagues were the first to make public the veiled GV80 prototype which was witnessed last month as illustrated in these two digital pictures. Not surprisingly, the set of images presents the sophisticated automobile with limited styling variations, inclusive of a revised front bumper featuring somewhat bigger air intakes, a new base grille with a gleaming black insert, and renovated internal components for the headlights. Taking it all into account, the front exterior won’t be drastically dissimilar but these remarkable specifics will give it an invigorating look.

Designs depicted offer minor alterations to the rear of the SUV. On the back side, taillights are coupled by long LED light strips, delivering an appearance of greater width as well as more sophistication on the GV80. Four exhaust pipes substitute for the current model’s twin oval pipes, though it is not necessarily a feature that will be seen with the revised GV

One of the possible motivations behind Genesis’ swift decision to launch a reinvented version of the SUV may relate to their plan to release a coupe-like model based on the GV80. No official announcement by the manufacturer has been made yet, however, people speculate that they intend to showcase both the GV80 upgrade and GV80 Coupe in the same period. It’s likely this grand presentation will not take place until sometime next year.

It is important to remember that the GV80 is being offered in the US with two different engine units: a 2.5L four-cylinder turbo and a 3.5L V6. While a diesel variation can be acquired in other regions, alas, it is unavailable in America. It is widely assumed that the GV80 coupe-SUV will feature the same selection range of engines.


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