GM Axing Apple CarPlay & Android Auto for EVs

2024 Blazer EV: What to Expect

GM will commence a phaseout of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from upcoming all-electric vehicles, kicking off with the 2024 Blazer EV, in order to secure entry to extra consumer and EV charging details, according to Reuters. Besides that, these two programs empower drivers to supersede motor vehicles’ infotainment systems, thus hindering admittance to portions of the data.

“To put it more simply, both of those systems allow drivers to ‘mirror’ their smartphone screens to a vehicle’s infotainment display screen,” GM is striving to create its own integrated infotainment systems with the help of Google. Going forward, EVs – as well as combustion-engined vehicles that will continue to have their Apple CarPlay and Android Auto setups – will come with an in-built navigation system and infotainment systems, which are currently being created as part of the joint venture.

Although Android Auto will not be featured on upcoming General Motors electric vehicles, Google will still remain an important player. Thus, what does this mean for Apple? Their position in the competition against Google may not fare positively as they attempt to gain a stronghold in the market of infotainment technology and related data. GM’s association with Google goes back quite some time; as long ago as 2019, the two companies have been working together to create computer software to couple with Super Cruise autonomous driving. Moreover, GM also has plans to introduce subscription-based services via their future EVs.

“We have a lot of new driver assistance features coming that are more tightly coupled with navigation,” Mike Himche, executive director of digital cockpit experience, noted. “We don’t want to design these features in a way that necessitates a person having a cellphone.”

Prospective purchasers of next-generation GM EVs will be granted free usage of Google Assistant and Google Maps over the span of the coming eight years. Besides standard services, these high-tech machines will remain equipped with well-sought applications like Spotify, Audible, and other apps favored among customers now and in the future.

GM’s recent decision to transition to a subscription-based model is driven by the potential for billions of dollars in subscription revenue. It’s important to note that drivers will still have the ability to access music and make phone calls with iPhones and Android devices, but they will need to use Bluetooth.

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