GM Seeks AI ChatGPT for Autos

The Future of Automotive Technology?

GM is looking into the possibility of incorporating ChatGPT, a conversational AI program, into their automobiles, as per Semafor’s announcement. This examination is to determine whether it would be useful and feasible.

In an interview with Reuters, GM’s Scott Miller asserted, “ChatGPT is going to be in everything.” The Vice President of Software Defined Vehicles and Operating Systems further explained that the chatbot could be leveraged for a variety of purposes. For instance, owners could use the software to learn how to make the most of the various features embedded within their vehicles that might otherwise be difficult to access due to a bulky owner’s manual.

In addition to this, motorists can take advantage of the technology by potentially programming particular functions such as a garage door opener or utilizing it as a virtual assistant. This could prove incredibly useful if an unfamiliar warning light unexpectedly appears on the dashboard. Inferred from this, owners have the potential to ask the artificial intelligence to organize an appointment to resolve any arising issues.

“It’s not just about the development of voice commands,” said a GM representative last week, “but rather that customers can anticipate their forthcoming automobiles to be much more advanced and innovative concerning new technologies.” This transformation signifies a significant change in the way we interact with our vehicles.

According to Semafor, their voice-activated AI will incorporate the services provided by Microsoft Azure. This widely utilized computing platform grants exclusive access to the technology which fuels a multitude of innovative online entities, like ChatGPT. Both Microsoft and GM have been cooperating for quite a while; in fact, Microsoft and Cruise, the automaker that is supported by GM, joined forces to further support and develop self-driving vehicles.

The dawn of ChatGPT in cars would revolutionize how we interface with our cars, bringing even higher levels of comfort to drivers. Facial recognition technology is not a novel concept in the motor industry, but harnessing the capability to talk to AI could be rewarding.

Motorists could not just schedule repair service, but they could also access the ChatGPT for assistance in altering a tire or tracking down an electric vehicle refueling station near them.

Undoubtedly, just as any novel trick can often be sidetracking, several proprietors may very well fortify this notion, not to mention be diverted by messing around with the Artificial Intelligence characteristics rather than steering. This has us pose the question if this invention must be restricted to only self-governing automobiles, when all is said and done, one may speculate that it could shortly emerge in the Cadillac Lyriq.

The development in technology could very well eradicate the need for a phone while driving. Such infotainment systems these days are extremely reliant on either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which reproduces the drivers’ smartphone onto the display panel. We often observe how irrelevant phones have become when we look at such infotainment systems, so it may be seen as the subsequent step ahead.

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