GR Sport Hybrid Toyota Corolla: Power & Digital Style

2024 Model Year: Anticipated Updates?

Toyota recently bestowed a modernizing face-lift to the Corolla series available in Europe. This stylish refinement incorporates new design details, upgraded tech capabilities, enhanced hybrid options and a GR Sport package.

Not too long ago, the North American-spec Corolla was given a facelift. But why should we care? Those of us across the pond have access to luxury amenities not available here in the US; chief among them is a 12.3″ digital dash, offered on every variation of the Corolla Hatchback, Corolla Sedan and Touring Sports wagon.

Customizable options are a given with this feature, as drivers can select among Casual, Smart, Rugged, and Sporty choices. Take it up a notch with the seven-inch digital display if you desire; for other models, though, a 4.2-inch screen is available.

Standard safeguards have been added to the Corolla, such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Emergency Steering Help, and a wide-angle front camera. Furthermore, Proactive Driving Support has been made available, granting the car the capacity to recognize risks at minimal speeds and take steps to prevent an accident if needed. This same facility is fitted on models built in the country.

Even though the domestic-market Corolla Hybrid model has acquired a noteworthy increase in power, it still can’t compare to its European counterpart. Offered with a 2.0-liter engine producing 193 horsepower, this electrified variant grants an adequately energetic driving experience, achieving 0 – 62 mph in an appreciable 7.4 seconds. Furthermore, there is also an option of a 1.8-liter engine offering 138 horsepower.

Toyota is nowadays offering Corolla hatchback and station wagon body designs with their sought-after GR Sport grade. These model variations sport slick 18-inch wheels, a distinct rear bumper, as well as heated front sports seats that include embossed GR logos on the head rests.

Sport-fitted automobiles get mock leather/fabric furnishing. This feature was noticed on the famed RAV4 and speculation is that other models will be getting the GR treatment in the impending future.

Whilst the exterior of the hatch and estate car bear some similarity to the versions sold in America, the sedan holds a totally different front-end which is modelled on that of the Avalon. This gives the smaller sedan an exquisite appearance, and it is our wish to see this original frontal facade travel throughout the United States.

Apart from the fresh summary of exterior tones, Toyota has given the euro Corolla selection a boost with a sheeted grille in the front and advanced LED lighting signatures, along with further modest alterations.

We euphorically anticipate that Toyota USA will choose to launch the GR Sport grade and a more vigorous hybrid energy source in the United States with the 2024 iteration refresh.

When it comes to the trendy wagon, one can only fantasize.

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