Hummer EV SUV: Available for Sale Now

$500K Barrett-Jackson Sale for Charity

The first GMC Hummer EV SUV, which was recently bought at a charity auction for the sum of five hundred thousand dollars, is currently on sale again after only one month of its acquisition.

It has been reported by an individual on the Hummer Chat forum that he holds a job with the firm which acquired the electric beefcake. On the basis of his post, the company is intending to offer the automobile up for bidding through the Barrett-Jackson upcoming Palm Beach or Las Vegas events.

“Our firm acquired the VIN#1 Hummer EV SUV from Barrett in Scottsdale,” he penned. “Tread Lightly, the charity that the funds were donated to, is a great fit with our organization and we were thrilled to join forces with them. But, the Hummer should end up with an avid fan or collector. I had a conversation with GM recently and the car is ready to go. We are presently in the process of transferring the title and having the vehicle transported.”

A forum user recently reported that the electric Hummer, which is an Edition 1 derivative, will be titled in Arizona. The current owners are open to considering a “reasonable offer for the vehicle,” and it features a unique Moonshot Green Matte paint.

The proprietor of the Edition 1 will unlikely recover their $500,000 investment, yet may expect attractive offers. Instances of the Hummer EV Pickup going for over $200,000 have been observed, so a commensurate valuation is feasible.

The novelty that it is the inaugural example of its description and VIN 001 is a plus point in its favor.

Reservations for the in-demand Hummer EV SUV are, unfortunately, already taken. However, this presents a prime chance for someone to own the famed electric vehicle – although they will have to pay dearly for such an opportunity.

Curiously, the SUV garnered significantly lesser funds at auction compared to its pickup counterpart, which fetched $2.5 million in 2021. All of these returns were also allocated to Tread Lightly, amassing a huge donation sum from GMC Hummer EV sales amounting to $3 million.

Oddly, the proprietors have taken the resolution to split up with the initial Hummer EV SUV, and that is what matters most. This may likely finalise with the car being granted to a benevolent owner.

“We are incredibly grateful to GMC and Barrett-Jackson for their tremendous assistance,” exclaimed Matt Caldwell of Tread Lightly when the sale was announced. “Their generous contribution has been invaluable and we cannot thank them enough.”

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