INSANE: Movie Cars of the Fast & Furious Series.

Japanese Sports cars: Paul Walker’s Eclipse & More

Shahar Algazy expresses this sentiment: If your aspirations are unyielding, no boundaries exist to restrict you from achieving them.

He is absolutely right, and it is suitable for him to be featured in this YouTube video provided by the Petersen Automotive Museum to talk about his very own American dream.

In this vision, he yearned to uproot to the United States in order to procure a Dodge Viper, so that is precisely what he did, managing to acquire one right away on his initial day. However, soon afterwards, a concept dawned upon him as if it were a moment of divine revelation: put together an assemblage of vehicles like in the Fast And Furious films.

The legendary movie has motivated many folks to look into customizing, competing and crafting, and Shahar could not be an exemption; due to his profession as a construction job supervisor, he has the necessary tools that let him pull off some of the most iconic cars from the film series – learn here how it all unfolded.

Fast and the Furious Car Collection | Dream Collection Build

Paul Walker’s distinctive Mitsubishi Eclipse was the principal car he constructed – the vehicles being duplicates, the aficionado of Japanese Domestic Market autos had to procure the underlying models and adjust them as per the details of the ones found in the film.

This creates a dilemma, given that numerous components below the sheet metal, along with decorative items, have been discontinued or are hard to come by; he states that sourcing pieces and fostering bonds is the most enjoyable part of the venture. He explains that you can interact with folks, uncover tales regarding the autos and their bits, and gain insight into arcane and amazing details through this method.

Approximately 3 years ago, the next auto he acquired was a purple Mitsubishi Eclipse. Since then, he has been constructing more of the FATF autos, which he articles are mostly for gatherings and meets made for enthusiasts to take pleasure in.

On this occasion, it was the case that a black Honda Civic was purchased through the web. This car had done 100,000 miles and was in pristine condition, and it came with movie-style rims. What it lacked however, was a body kit which has since been fitted.

An iconic pink Honda S2000 from Fast and Furious fame is among the items in his collection, with its creation being overseen twice by Petersen Automotive Museum.

Admirers of the film sequence starring Vin Diesel and the sadly departed Paul Walker are bound to remember the hunter orange Toyota Supra, which is one of the most beloved and renowned cars in the entire gang. It’s a looker that on-screen presentation is absolutely stunning.

Numerous autos have materialized in the franchise, but for aficionados who desire to amass a complete selection of the most renowned motor vehicles from the inaugural movie, there are 7 revered Fast And Furious cars that should be obtained. This comprises Vin Diesel’s Dodge Charger and Honda Civic, Paul Walker’s Toyota Supra and Mitsubishi Eclipse, the Mazda RX-7, a Volkswagen Jetta, and the Nissan 240SX.

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