Jimny Lights Up Tsukuba: Time Attack Lap

Pocket-Sized Off-Roaders: Track-Ready and Time Attack Ready
Attack Tsukuba 2023 : 礒田貞治@だーパルくん。/ポーターレーシング@ジムニーJA11[V-JA11V]

This year, Japan’s venerable Attack Tsukuba celebrated its 10th anniversary. The festive occasion was held at the iconic Tsukuba Circuit and featured some of the most talented drivers in the nation. However, what truly grabbed everyone’s attention were the lowered Suzuki Jimny cars from all eras, outfitted with race-specific tires, and it was a sight to behold – as you can see in the video above!

Yes, it is no surprise that the Suzuki Jimny is often modified with off-road enhancing add-ons and upgraded with chunky tyres alongside the wheel fenders. But, at the Attack meet, distinct modifications were on display such as turbocharged motors, large intercoolers and high-strength roll cages.

Rainbow Auto, an experty residing close to RWB in Chiba, has specifically altered smaller Suzuki 4WDs into track-fit, time attack machines. Their experience with redesigning the iconic Jimny model made them the perfect dealer to take on the difficult task of reconfiguring these compact cars into competitive racing automobiles.

Rainbow Auto’s show owner wants folks to understand the entertaining potential of Suzuki Jimnys when constructed in this specific form, and thus brought two demo cars of the newer generation Jimny to the Attack meet. These vehicles were a red Jimny fit with Rays forged wheels, besides Yokohama Advan Neova tires, that had front wheels lodged a lot more than the back ones in order to enhance turning capabilities and grip.

The interior of the Jimny has been dramatically stripped, coming equipped with a roll cage, Recaro Pro Racer RMS chair, alongside a Willans restraint and Momo steering wheel. To give an even more dynamic, eye-catching effect to its wheelies, there’s a considerable extension in its front-wheel track.

It is clearly evident that those who own the Jimny and have attended the Attack meet, do it purely for entertainment. Nonetheless, they maintain a dedicated approach concerning their setup and preparation. Notably, some had even installed active warming systems to preserve their tyres at the appropriate temperature. Eventually, the fastest lap of the event was completed by an older Jimny Pickup fitted with wide fenders and BNR32 Skyline GT-R wheels.

Altogether, the track-spec Suzuki Jimnys really stood out. It demonstrates that, with some alterations and with enough dedication, even traditional off-roaders can obtain a thrilling racing experience.

Sources: Attack Official Movie Channel via YouTube, Speed Hunters


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