Justin Bieber Scores Unusual Porsche

Porsche 968 L’Art: Automaker and Fashion Collab

Justin Bieber is no stranger to having strange-looking automobiles in his possesssion. Recall the Rolls-Royce Wraith created by West Coast Customs? Well, it seems the Grammy winner is not finished adding to his eclectic range of cars – and this one is much more commonplace than that strange RR.

We’re discussing the 968 L’Art Porsche, a single-of-its-kind model evoking strong aesthetics. But the grandeur of this car can’t be grasped until you witness it yourself – it’s certainly not your regular front-engine, convertible Porsche coupe.

Bieber exposed the auto by incorporating an image of the exquisite Porsche 968 L’Art at the bottom of what was seemingly a Moncler London Fashion Week post on his Instagram (seen above). There was no caption along with this social media update, except for an emoji. It has been indicated that the Porsche is now part of the artist’s automobile collection.

The Porsche 968 ‘L’art’ is a joint effort between the established marque and the esteemed French fashion house L’Art de L’Automobile. At first glance, it is easy to distinguish this singular automobile evidenced by its initially emerald coloured bodywork paired with coordinating wheel caps, notwithstanding that Bieber has apparently updated the shade of this show-stopper to teal. Inside sits Recaro seats and, as a notability, a Tag Heuer chronograph on the dashboard.

In relation to its cost, the 968 L’Art unveiled in 2021 had no associated selling price. Nonetheless, as it is a singular item, it would not be surprising if Bieber obtained it at an exorbitant rate.

It is not unexpected that Bieber has obtained a strange vehicle. Just recently, he got his Rolls-Royce Wraith modified by West Coast Customs to emulate 103EX from the automaker. The resulting automobile was peculiar and whether one appreciates it or not is a matter of opinion; however, there is no doubt that it was an eye-catching car, similar to what he has just bought in the form of a Porsche.

Source: Justin Bieber (Instagram)

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