Lamborghini Huracan EVO3 By DMC: 700HP, Mega Wing

Carbon Fiber Hood: Inspired by Lamborghini STO

DMC has unveiled their innovative new design, the Lamborghini Huracan EVO3. With multiple changes to enhance its performance, design, and air flow capabilities, DMC refers to it as the utmost of all the Huracan adjustments they have produced. Moreover, with this hasty makeover comes a notable boost in energy output that supplement its energetic exterior.

Nestled at the back, the Huracan EVO3 houses a 5.2-liter V10 motor boosted by DMC to churn out 700 horsepower (522 kW). To accomplish this feat, the German tuner implemented adjustments such as an ECU recalibration and the installation of a titanium exhaust set-up. The latter does not only augment output but emits a distinct sound as well.

Furthermore, carbon-fiber air scoops supersede the grille in the back engine bay of the Huracan EVO3. They are constructed for the purpose of drawing air into the motor compartment, thereby improving airflow and providing a boost in performance. By additing these latest air scoops, it bestows the automobile with a unique look, effectively separting it from all the other Huracans out on the roadway.

DMC has based the Huracan EVO3’s carbon fibre wing on the hugely expansive one found on the Huracan GT3 EVO2. Still, it has been reconfigured to meet FIA regulations which state that a wing can only span up to 92% of the car’s entire width. Notably, this new DMC aerofoil stands at 1,750 millimetres (5.7 feet) and works to deliver improved downforce and poise while travelling at greater velocities.

Lamborghini have not divulged the cost of the Huracan EVO3, yet it is suspected that the acquisition won’t be an inexpensive one. Therefore, we recommend that you reach out to them directly for more information if this is something you are keen to purchase.

Source: DMC


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