Making A Statement: Exclusive One-Off Rolls-Royce Phantom

Automaker Partners with Iris van Herpen

If you take a step out of the box and ponder for a moment, Rolls-Royce is likely one of the automakers reminiscent of a high fashion label within the auto business. The distinctive custom-made arts of the British manufacturer habitually amalgamate components, hues, and methods which are more than familiar in the realm of style and the fresh Phantom Syntopia exclusive further conforms to this custom while escalating it to greater heights.

Rolls-Royce states the automobile depicted in the gallery to be the most intricate customized Phantom ever crafted. In cooperation with Iris van Herpen, a cutting-edge fashion designer, this car was manufactured using Haute Couture methods. Put simply, Haute Couture involves handmaking tailored, exclusive, high-end fashion pieces and was initially popularized in mid-nineteenth century Paris when it became the nucleus of fashion worldwide.

The distinct automobile is based on the Phantom Extended, which Rolls calls the “topmost threshold for customizing,” and over the last four years has been under construction and engineering. Taking its nickname from Iris van Herpen’s 2018 collection, which was motivated by figures and structures seen in nature, the incredibly exclusive Phantom retains the same general design philosophy, focused on the exquisiteness of liquid action in firm materials. Rolls-Royce dubs this concept Weaving Water.

Inspired by the notion of ‘Weaving Water’, I undertook this collaboration with the aim of creating an immersive experience inside the Phantom. It would be a truly remarkable moment, drenched in natural power and movements of the car itself. My vision was to contrast the solid presence of the vehicle, with a vibrancy created through the three-dimensional waves that spread throughout its interior. The purpose of which, was to showcase nature’s ingenuity. As Iris van Herpen stated: “I wanted this to become a state-of-the art experience being overwhelmed by the forces of nature.”

When you step inside the Phantom Syntopia and inspect the headliner, the unique Weaving Waters technique is immediately evident. Taking the utmost care to source the ideal piece of leather from more than 1,000 hides, the headliner was skilfully crafted so that the 162 petals creating its liquid-like, three-dimensional form were all cut by hand. The process of affixing these components alone required nearly 300 hours at Rolls-Royce’s Goodwood factory, with an added 400 collective hours devoted across designing, readying and constructing the feature.

An intriguing element of the Phantom comes in the form of its picnic tables, which reflect the same Weaving Water theme as seen on the bonnet. This remarkable completion was accomplished after several layers of paint and lacquer were blended together, with varying amounts of glass fragments included. For four months technicians at the automaker’s Extraordinary Surface Center labored on formulating the combination, performing nine trials until they confirmed the optimal quantity of glass particles.

Source: Rolls-Royce

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