Mansory Gives SF90 Spider 1,100 HP Celeste Upgrade

3 Examples Demonstrated

Mansory has applied its formidable skills to the Ferrari SF90 Spider in producing the F9XX Tempesta Celeste, a constrained-edition stemming from the F9XX coupe disclosed last year.

This specific variant, restricted to only three samples, is modeled on the convertible version of Ferrari’s ravishing supercar, and it is surprisingly plain in regards to a Mansory proposal. Even if subtle in terms of Morsary, it is still deemed too grand in other sectors of the auto industry. Evidently, its shapely panels have been accompanied by numerous carbon-forged add-ons; though, not all of them are simply for display.

Notice the prominent air intakes that have been enlarged and an additional front lip. The first supply elevated amounts of airflow to the radiators, while the latter furnishes expanded downforce on the front axle. Similarly, the carbon fiber hood impacts a notable volume of air towards the power plant tucked below it.

At the back, there’s a new double diffuser and rear bumper that, while not particularly attractive, Mansory states provides “perfect guidance” of the airflow under the car. Additionally, the split rear spoiler is used to increase downforce on the rear axle, and a four-pipe exhaust system looks more intimidating than Ferrari’s usual dual-pipe configuration.

The one-piece YT.5 Air ultra-light cast wheels, measuring 21 inches in the front and 22 inches in the rear, tie the entire package together. These elaborate composites are fitted with 255/30 and 335/25 premium tires at the front and back, respectively.

It’s not a shy figure, but in contrast to other models from Mansory, the Tempesta Celeste painted in grey could be said to be less shocking to the human eye.

Mansory has exerted their expertise to give the twin-turbo V8 engine an unprecedented boost of power, amounting to a whopping 967 horspower and 723 lb-ft of torque. In addition to that, by combining the mechanical force of the internal combustion engine with the power of three energetic electric motors, it is capable of churning out 1,085 hp altogether. It is deserving to note that the technical wizards at Mansory decided not to meddle with the electrical unit in order to concentrate exclusively on the 4.0-liter motor.

Incredible figures have been accomplished by the Mansory-improved Ferrari, leading it to reach 0-62 mph in only 2.4 seconds and a top speed of 220 mph. In comparison, the unmodified model requires an additional 0.1 seconds for the same acceleration and its maximum velocity is limited to 211 mph.

The tuner has likewise improved the interior with new fabrics, leather upholstery and accessories.

The broad dashboard is adorned with a brilliant light blue leather, stretching all the way to the carbon fibre contoured bucket seats, and even the carpets. It may be a daring choice, but it really works well. Generally, we must say that the large number of luxurious modifications from Mansory produced outstanding results in this case.

The central console and furnishings surrounding the air vents are equipped with carbon fiber inlays. The characteristic Ferrari steering wheel has been swapped out for a custom-made Mansory one, trimmed with corresponding leather and carbon fiber. Of course, the tuner’s logo is displayed in an embroidered fashion on nearly every surface of the interior.

No cost figures have been revealed, nonetheless the Tempesta Celeste will bear a monumental premium due to this model’s utmost scarcity and the base auto. Since there are only three, it stands to reason that wealthy extroverts with no style would fight tooth and nail for ownership of the Tempesta Celeste.


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