Mansory Takes Mercedes-AMG GT Up a Level

Tuner’s Signature Flair

Mansory has bestowed a powerful makeover onto the Mercedes-AMG GT63 S E Performance, transforming it into a hyper-velocity design statement. Aggressive new features include copious amounts of carbon fiber, attention-grabbing yellow highlights and cutting-edge body modifications that leave no one in doubt that this car is ready to rumble!

It appears that every time Mansory exercises its grasp on a Mercedes, there is an unforgettable adventure in store. Their works of art with the G-Class are referred to as slightly conflicting; some parts are admirable while others demand further refinement. Then again, the firm astounds us with creations that don’t appear to be of their own doing, making us doubt our appreciation for cars. This freshly adjusted AMG model does not fall under the latter, though it is not faultless either.

This kit may appear too youthful in appearance, though if the accents were toned down and the panels painted to match the hue of the body of the vehicle it could potentially change perceptibly.

The motor vehicle boasts a restyled carbon fibre bonnet with considerable ventilation, an amended carbon fibre front grill, a carbon fibre rear diffuser, and freshly designed carbon fibre side sills that look to lower the car aesthetically. An altered carbon fiber spoiler embellishes the boot and fresh carbon fiber wing mirrors are placed on the doors. A few extra pieces of carbon fiber have been added everywhere, making a point not to forget they are all made of the same materal too. If this has been recognised, there is an abundance of carbon fibre features.

“Type Y.5” are the 22-inch light-alloy rims that adorn the car and, for the most part, look quite tasteful. They are also a good fit in terms of size.

Internally, the business has sprinkled extra carbon fiber around plentifully. The colors and other resources are then changeable as every proprietor will possess unique inclinations.

We arrive at the great section now: The power. It’s unmistakable that Mansory comprehends much bigger is superior when talking of energy. This time, the enhancement is quite moderate: The firm has augmented the car’s strength by forty-nine horsepower as well as just fifteen lb-ft of torque.

Upon further inspection, it is obvious why the vehicle is so remarkable – in its original form, the four-door coupe produces 831 horsepower and 1,084 lb-ft of torque due to its incredible hybrid set up. When upgraded however, Mansory has increased these statistics to 880 hp and 1,099 lb-ft of torque, allowing for barely believable acceleration times of 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds and a maximum velocity of 199 mph.

The vehicle is swift and prominent both in appearance and acoustically. No figure was released, though taking into consideration the price tag that exceeds $180,000, it is likely surpass the $200,000 limit when Mansory has worked its magic. Will customers opt for it? Most likely. Is it worth it? It has been stated that beauty is subjective, so it is up to the purchaser, yet we consider there are superior selections out there for a modified Mercedes four-door coupe.


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