Maserati GranCabrio In Snowy Testing

Debut Coming Later This Year

On the tail of introducing the novel GranTurismo, Maserati is getting ready to flaunt their fresh take on the GranCabrio droptop. The motor vehicle is currently undergoing chilling weather tests.

The external styling of the GranCabrio fits neatly with that of the GranTurismo coupe. Although obscured by the camouflage, it looks like there are similarities between the two vehicles in their front and back design. The obvious distinction anyway, is this model possessing a fabric top rather than the unswervingly solid hard top featured on the other.

Although these snaps don’t provide us with a glance into the cabin of the GranCabrio, we anticipate it to be parallel to that of the GranTurismo’s interior due to its exterior having such a comparable appearance. The in-car display will showcase gauges, multimedia and heating/ventilation/air conditioning preferences.

Additionally, all-wheel drive will be available.All indications point to the GranCabrio taking after the GranTurismo in terms of powertrain. Chances are that Maserati’s 3.0-liter twin turbo Nettuno V6 will be available when it is launched. The engine produces 489 horsepower (365 kW) and 442 pound-feet (600 Newton-meters) in the Modena version or 550 hp (410 kW) and 479 lb-ft (650 Nm) in the Trofeo model. Moreover, an all-wheel drive option is likely to be on the cards.

Maserati has announced that it will soon provide a completely electrified Folgore variant of the GranCabrio. The GranTurismo is fitted with a triple motor configuration – one in the front and two behind – supplying its powertrain a combined total of 750 hp (560 kW) and 1,350 Nm of torque. The battery pack is rated at 92.5 kWh.

The organization lately declared that the 2024 GranTurismo’s Modena edition can be had in the beginning at $174,000 while the Trofeo begins at $205,000. The coupe is expected to arrive at retail stores in the US in the latter half of 2023; pricing for the Folgore iteration is yet to be disclosed and availability has been slated after that of its combustion-powered equivalents.

Generally, car companies demand a higher rate for cabriolet models in comparison to coupé autos. As such, one can expect the GranCabrio to be priced much more expensively than the hardtop. Maserati is already coming up with previews of the convertible’s introduction, indicated to take place during 2023, yet the exact date has yet to be revealed.

Source: CarPix


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