Maserati GT2 Races in 2020

V6 across Europe: Nettuno can’t wait!

Maserati have recently divulged further specifics and images of the GT2 vehicle, and it is definitely perceived to be a menacing force on the circuit. Designs of the motorcar were made known last year but, even with the glamorous camouflage applied, the car looks remarkable and we cannot wait to witness its dynamic performance during the upcoming Fanatec GT2 European Series Championship.

The automobile, whose identity would be undetermined based on its aesthetics, is founded on the exquisite street-going MC20. Recently, those present at Autodromo Varan de’Melegari were able to view it in action via these photos. An official debut at the 24 Hours of Spa during June will give way to our initial encounter of the race car.

Maserati is ushering back into the GT challenge by releasing this vehicle, to be acquired by teams entering the championship. It draws reminiscence on what happened when they debuted the illustrious MC12 two decades prior.

Maserati dreamed up the car with the assistance of Centro Stile Maserati, devotedly ensuring it was in line with the brand’s high-quality expectations.

Crafted around the majestic new engine, the Nettuno V6, the 3.0-liter twin turbo generates 621 horsepower and 538 lb-ft of torque on the street. Maserati highlighted they increased the motor to a higher level utilizing MTC (Maserati Twin Combustion) among other advancements. We can affirm that the unit will manufacture 730 horsepower in the Maserati Project24 track vehicle, suggesting that the GT2 automobile would be close to that strength.

The rest of the vehicle has subsequently been especially optimised, designed and specified for racing performance. It boasts an extremely lightweight carbon fibre monocoque as its core and a full-composite body with efficient quick release fastenings that ensure easy substitution. The back wing may be adjusted to work together with the front splitter, increasing aerodynamics of the car to its peak.

Electric power steering is a staple, and comes with a 6-velocity sequential transmission paired with paddle activators and an electro-rotary actuator. Every aspect can be fine-tuned, particularly the shock absorbers and stabilizer bars. The inside is especially geared towards racing, showcasing a carbon fiber dashboard, 10-inch display, and a one-person racing seat with a 6-point belt.

The renders demonstrated give the Maserati Corse presentation and outward appearance scheme featuring the ravishing Blue Infinito color, which is extremely attractive on the vehicle. Consequently, each purchaser should consider attaining this hue for their automobile.

The vehicle appears positioned to achieve victory on the track, delivering teams a new option in comparison to models such as the Audi R8 and Lamborghini GT2.

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