Missouri Crash Wrecks ‘General Lee’

Unlicensed Driver Destroys Auto Relic

On a tranquil Sunday afternoon, drivers along Missouri’s Historic Highway 165 were treated to a scene that could have come straight out of the Dukes of Hazzard when a 1969 Dodge Charger “General Lee” careened off the road. As reported by the Springfield News Leader, the iconic car, made famous by the beloved TV show, was involved in a single-vehicle crash that resulted in two people being injured.

At first, the Western Taney County Fire Protection District featured the car on their socials, believing it to be part of the show. Despite this, the vehicle’s proprietor made it clear that it had not been utilized within the actual shooting. Nevertheless, all the cast members from the production had at one point or another drived and even autographed the car, transforming it into a desirable and extraordinary piece associated with television heritage.

Upon approaching the scene, the Hollister Police Department, alongside the Taney County Ambulance District and the Western Taney County Fire Protection District immediately commenced analyzing the collision. In accordance with a statement from Hollister Police Chief Preston Schmidt, the car’s driver had been going above the limit dictated by the circumstances and hence, consequently, losing command of the automobile. While no accusations have been presented right away, the inspection is yet to be finalised.

Two individuals in the vehicle were evaluated and taken to local hospitals with moderate injuries. The driver was treated for a fractured collarbone, while the passenger “complained of leg and rib pain.” Subsequently, both have been discharged and are recuperating.

Western Taney County Fire Protection District received confirmation from the proprietor of the car that the driver did not possess permission to operate it. How the individual gained control of the expensive automobile is still a mystery.

It’s worth noting that a “General Lee” car is a rare find, as most of the vehicles used in the show were destroyed during stunts. Only a handful of cars survived filming, making them highly sought after by collectors and fans of the show alike. In 1991, Warner Brothers sold 17 of these vehicles to private owners, further increasing their value in pop culture. Even though the later movie was not well received, the General Lee has become one of the most influential cars in modern history.

In a recent Facebook post, the local fire department reported that the “owner and the owner’s special needs son [were] devastated about the damage to the vehicle.” It is clear that this incident has had a profound effect on the family, and the department expressed its sympathies for their difficult situation.

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