Mitsubishi: 50% EVs by 2030 Global Sales

Japan Automaker’s Challenge 2025 Launched

Mitsubishi has unveiled its new three-year plan, aptly dubbed “Challenge 2025,” which outlines how it intends to transition to a carbon-neutral future and its objective of making 50% of global sales electrified vehicles by 2030. To that end, the company is investing $1.5 billion in battery sourcing.

We had been eagerly anticipating information from the Japanese car maker subsequent to the reconstitution of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance this year. As we had proclaimed upon the reorganizing of the contract, junior member Mitsubishi was the true beneficiary and shortly got down to business.

Mitsubishi has just announced its ambitious Challenge 2025, which promises to reduce vehicle CO2 emissions by 40% and operational CO2 reduction by 50%, five years from now. The carmaker also plans to electrify its entire global fleet by 2035 – a goal that will be accomplished through a combination of plug-in hybrids, hybrids, and pure battery electric vehicles (EVs).

No, Mitsubishi is not preparing to become an exclusively battery-powered car manufacturer at this time; however, it is certainly putting the right blocks in place for the potentiality. By exploiting its two worldwide partnerships, the enterprise plans to deliver sixteen new automobiles throughout the next five years, of which nine will employ electric energy. One of these cars is a fresh pickup truck scheduled to arrive by 2024, accompanied the following year by a PPV (a common acronym for Passanger Vehicle) whose foundation is a pick-up. At some point in the middle of the decade, two extra hybrids, a 3-row SUV and a 2-row SUV, shall be introduced.

The public statement does not explicitly declare if those autos will be made available in North America beside the renowned Outlander. Moreover, it does not affirm whether other forthcoming electric cars – an additional pickup truck, a two-row SUV, and two further EVs co-constructed with Nissan and Renault – would be marketed in this territory. It is likely that, at the least, one of the models will be released in this part of the world.

Our best guess is that the electrified SUV is heading to North America. Mitsubishi has stated that they will be releasing an “enhanced and electrified product lineup” to the market over the next three years, in collaboration with Nissan. This could mean that we could be seeing a re-skinned version of the Nissan Ariya in North America, as well as combustion-powered and hybrid minivans and a new kei car being released in the Japanese market.

It is possible that we are betting on another PHEV or hybrid SUV; an aging Nissan Murano may be in line for a much-needed redesign. If the car is not abolished altogether, then maybe it will give birth to a Mitsubishi version. However, only time will tell. No news has arisen about what is upcoming with the Mirage and Eclipse Cross.

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