Model 2024 Nissan Z NISMO: No Manual Gearbox Option

No Manual Transmission For Nismo Z

For die-hard Nissan enthusiasts who were looking forward to shifting through gears with the recently teased Nismo version of the Z Sports Car, it appears they may have to think again. According to a new post on the newnissanz forum, an order guide for Nissan Z in 2024 is implying that the Nismo model can be acquired solely with an automatic transmission.

There’s a new NISMO in town - Introducing the Nissan NISMO Z

The prior Nismo 370z version was accessible with a manual gearbox, leaving people to speculate why it isn’t an option for the newest release. Equivalent to the BMW M3 and M3 Competition editions, the automated transmission likely has the ability to transport more energy, suggesting a probable upsurge in horsepower.

Though there is a seemingly fading glimmer of hope, the prospects are not kaput for obtaining a manual gearbox with the Nismo Nissan Z. If demand for such an option akin that seen in the 2023 Toyota GR Supra swells enough from enthusiastic fans, Nissan may capitulate and offer it as a selection sooner than later. Since it’s already existent in lower models, integrating it into the Nismo should be relatively hassle-free.

The emergence of the Nissan Nismo Z has certainly be a bitter pill to swallow for those passionate about manual transmissions, yet the performance capability of the Z is projected to be feverishly swift. Taking its cue from past models, it is almost certain that the modern iteration will have an upgraded 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 which would further boost its power output.

It is likely that we will discover additional facts when Nissan releases the official specifications of the Nismo Z.

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