New Pagani SUV: Joining the Super-SUV Market

Pagani V12 SUV: Refined Italian Design for Off-road Capability

It was frequently declared by Ferrari that they had no intention of manufacturing a Sport Utility Vehicle; however, purchasers are now able to acquire one from Maranello alongside those of Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Bentley, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, and Jaguar.

Off in the future, Ferraris will be entirely electric – and inevitably the immortal 65-degree V12 will fade away. That’s almost as bizarre to fathom as a Ford Mustang being branded an electro battery-powered crossover.

Given that Pagani has proposed they could be influenced to develop an SUV, it is highly likely such a vehicle will become available to us in the near future. Continuing on from Ferrari and Lamborghini who pioneered this area, HotCars artist Rostislav Prokop has created a virtual design of how the well-known Huayra might look in the land of ultra-expensive SUVs.

Many individuals are acquainted with the Pagani Zonda, a flamboyant, jet-fighter-like supercar that was introduced near the finish of the 90s and adopted by the Huayra.

The vehicles up to this point have invariably employed AMG-installed Mercedes-Benz engines ranging in size from 6-7.3 liters, and delivering a power spectrum that starts at approximately 400 horsepower and culminates at the hefty 740 horsepower on the Pagani Zonda R. Notwithstanding, the engine components within these magnificent automobiles are distinct from those utilized by the German carmaker in its own models.

Pagani’s iconic Huayra is the preceding auto to the acclaimed Utopia, and it as the foundation of this SUV rendering – due to its particular styling characteristically, the origins of this lifted automobile can be effortlessly identified.

At the forefront is clearly Pagani; regardless of the height being raised, its distinct lights, hood, grille and bumper make it easily identifiable as a prestigious supercar.

Pagani is not constructed by Mercedes – with just distinction of the engines alongside any ancillary parts delivered – however, this SUV appears to have a form of Germanic trustworthiness and robustness in terms of its premium construct.

Looking at it from one side, the design evokes memories of the Ferrari Purosangue, seemingly more sleek than a Lamborghini Urus, and with Pagani wheels as well as a pronounced quarter panel resembling that of a Ferrari.

The voluptuous backside is blessed with the signature details of the Pagani fashion brand, such as their iconic centered four-pex system and a trio of illuminators on either side.

Swathed in a Pagani Huayra red hue, black central stripes as well as black side sills and wheel arches, and a raised ride height, the SUV stages itself as an off-road performer reminiscent of any performance crossover. Its 6-liter V12 from the Huayra will generate no less than 730 horsepower. With anticipation, we hope that Pagani may opt for either a manual or DCT transmission instead of the automated 7-speed manual.

Pagani has not excluded the chance of an SUV, and at this stage it would not be a shock for the trademark to venture in this moneymaking domain, so one could expect the ultimate outcome to be as delightful as this notion.

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