New Santa Fe and a Viking Family Shine in Hyundai’s Latest Ad

Hyundai’s latest: The Santa Fe – perfect for adventurous families.

Hyundai recently introduced an innovative advertising campaign for the 2024 Santa Fe, showcasing its adventurous nature, unexpected off-road prowess, and family-friendly design.

In the short yet amusing advertisement, a clan of Norse warriors can be spotted dominating nature’s wilderness with assistance from their loyal canine and the Santa Fe vehicle. In between exhilarating off-road voyages, the family engages in activities such as fishing and mimicking the sounds of wolves. However, the spellbinding scene is abruptly broken when a bothersome work phone call jolts the patriarch back into real life. But as soon as the call ends, he seamlessly resumes his role as the rugged Viking we have all grown to admire.

You might be wondering, how does this relate to a Korean family SUV? Well, Hyundai’s aim is for you to see the Santa Fe as more than just a vehicle, but rather a means of embarking on exciting escapades with your loved ones, far from the mundane challenges of daily routines.

Conquer the Weekend | Vikings | The All-New 2024 SANTA FE | Hyundai

“Many times, we become consumed by our daily concerns, tasks, athletic commitments, family obligations, and everything in between, that we fail to appreciate the happiness in our ordinary lives,” stated Jason Sperling, the Chief Creative Officer at Innocean USA. “Our goal with this campaign was to emphasize the idea that when you’re not preoccupied with your car’s capabilities, you can fully immerse yourself in any adventure – whether it’s grand or simple. It’s that feeling of pure joy that we aim for Hyundai to bring to families with the new Santa Fe.”

Following its initial appearance at yesterday’s Conference Championship Games, Hyundai plans to showcase their advertisement through 60-, 30-, and 15-second segments throughout the year. These commercials will be aired during a variety of sporting events and also be available on multiple platforms, including social media.

Supporting the argument that the Santa Fe caters to adventurous individuals, the square-shaped SUV is equipped with an HTRAC all-wheel drive system and, in its XRT version, comes with standard tires suitable for various terrains.

The recently launched Santa Fe has undergone significant enhancements and has generated mixed feelings among the public. While some were drawn to its fresh design, others were repelled by it. Yet, this bold move marks a new era for the Santa Fe brand and according to Hyundai’s studies, the boxy appearance is predicted to attract a larger customer base. Undoubtedly, the SUV offers a heightened level of opulence and roominess, however, at a considerable cost.

The base SE edition, which features front-wheel drive, now begins at a cost of $33,950, marking an increase of over $5,000 from the previous version. Opting for all-wheel drive will raise the MSRP to $35,750. The top-of-the-line model carries a hefty price tag of $48,800. Future releases may include plug-in hybrid options.

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