Old Shuttle Bus Becomes New Home for Family

Expecting a New Arrival
Beautifully Designed Shuttle Bus for Expecting Young Couple

People from all generations are getting behind the wheel. They are transforming their vans, coaches, cargo vehicles and anything on wheels into accommodation. One youthful pair reworked an aged 1997 Ford E-350 Econoline coach and made it a second life, creating a stunning moving home suitable for their enlarging family.

The seat situated near the kitchen will shortly have a fresh use as the couple get ready to welcome their first-born into the world. It’s at this moment a bonus storage chance in any smaller home; however, it’ll quickly be transformed into a makeshift cradle for their infant.

The king-size mattress is located in the rear, with a convenient lift system providing easy access to the spacious storage area beneath. At the end of the bed lies a section of compartments that serve as the couple’s wardrobe. Situated at the front of the coach is a compact shower stall, complete with a rainfall head and a composting lavatory.

The kitchen features a sizable concrete countertop fitted with a spacious sink; purchased prior to the acquisition of the shuttle bus. There is adequate storage below for necessary wares, implements, foodstuffs, and the like. A big sliding refrigerator is cleverly situated underneath as well. They rescued and refurbished an old four-burner stove, which sits atop a sturdily built storage drawer.

The couple’s source of amusement is an overhead projector positioned above their bed and connected to a laptop. The projection screen is a banner advertising school financial aid, which can be rolled up when not in operation. Furthermore, the bus is equipped with both propane and 1500 watts of solar panels. Additionally, a 55-gallon tank of fresh water, as well as a six-gallon one of grey water, are situated underneath the sink.

In the near future, a trio will call this space home and face fresh alliances and occurrences. We have observed many large and small clans downsizing into altered vans or buses, demonstrating that it is possible. The pair is off to a fabulous kick off to their magnificent odyssey named life, even though soon their living area inside the RV may be reduced.

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Source: Tiny Home Tours / YouTube

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