Pikes Peak––Alpine A110’s US Debut

French Manufacturer to Show Off Small Sports Car

Alpine will surely ignite the interest of US consumers when it competes in the illustrious Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this year. The organization released a teaser image and stated that they are entering the race to the clouds, which appears to denote resolving to make a big impression on the American market.

As opposed to manufacturing an ordinary production vehicle, Alpine is set to introduce their A110 GT4 Evo. The powerful Evo model is an advancement on the preexisting A110 GT4 racing car for gentleman drivers. Comparable to McLaren, Alpine also has a team specifically devoted to building racing cars for private competitors. Taking into consideration its comparability to the McLaren 720S GT3 in terms of cost influence, the A110 GT4 has been authorized for all events listed under the class of GT4.

Mechanically, the automobile adopts an identical mid-positioned 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, nonetheless, the power capability has been elevated to 355 horsepower.

The brakes have been improved, featuring a Bosch Motorsport ABS, to avoid them seizing up. In addition, a 25-gallon FIA homologated fuel tank ensures the engine is fed without chance of spontaneous fire. This racing vehicle has a total weight (not including the driver) of 2,381 lbs, making it less massive than a Mazda Miata.

Alpine has reportedly accommodated for changes in air pressure due to its drastic climb of 4,700 feet. Even vehicles that have turbochargers find it difficult to get adequate oxygen into the engine at such an altitude. It is likely why electric cars are gradually becoming increasingly familiar sights at this renowned hillclimb.

Though we may be oblivious as to what is happening beneath the surface, it is evident that Alpine has been doing considerable work making improvements in aerodynamics judging by the allusion depicted in the teaser. With the embarkment of Signatech engineers and technicians, a tailored aerodynamic design has been crafted specifically for Pikes Peak.

For this, there is a superb justification. Alpine made the decision to enter their A110 GT4 Evo in Time Attack 1, competing against several 4WD vehicles. Instead of joining the Unlimited class, they chose to show the US what their mid-engine and rear-wheel-drive mini supercar was capable of accomplishing.

Raphael Astier will be leading the A110 in the Pikes Peak race, an event he previously attended on four occasions. Astier is renowned for his personal record of 9:23.721 while driving a BBI Porsche 911 in Time Attack 1, a feat that it is remembered still to this day. BBI was also credited for the production of the Hoonipigasus, which we support bringing back in honor or Ken Block, who left us too soon.

“I am absolutely delighted to have been picked to drive in this program,” stated Astier. “I’m bringing all my expertise to the table for this brand’s inaugural Pikes Peak run, and while the aim isn’t to win the overall classification, I’m sure the A110 GT4 Evo will do well in its category. I’m really excited to see what we can achieve!”

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