Porsche Boxster EV Spotted Test-driving with Lights

Fooling Around With Fake Exhaust

For a while now we have been keeping an eye on the impending Porsche Boxster, and this is the first opportunity we’ve gotten to observe one of the models equipped with its final lighting system. Despite the fact that it is completely covered in distracting camo, it is unmistakable that the front has that signature four-point LED arrangement, whilst the back appears to be made up of two broad parallel stripes. For whatever reason, Porsche remains convinced it’s necessary to put that faux exhaust trim in the centre of the bumper.

Equipped with sizable stopping power at both the back and front, the Boxster stands as a work-in-progress in the absence of a traditional motor. Recently, our investigators snagged a different sample which notably characterized an entirely contemporary cabin featuring a double-screen display and a capacitive-touch control feature. The dashboard arrangement bore multiple similarities to that inside the 911, albeit configured for purely two seats as opposed to the 2+2 arrangement.

Nearly two years are left until Porsche unleash the following Boxster into the world. In a chit-chat with Road & Track, Chief of Research and Development Michael Steiner intimated that the advent of the electric vehicle wouldn’t mean the conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) will come to an abrupt end. He gave the analogy of the Macan which is going to continue to be vended alongside a next-gen, fully electric type for quite some time.

“It depends a bit on the market,” he said. “In principle, our strategy is to try to overlap both [982 and 983], but for the current Boxster and Cayman, we’ll run [out of time] due to regulation in Europe.” He was referring to cybersecurity regulations, noting that the current 718 platform’s electrical architecture cannot be modified to meet the upcoming legislation in Europe, South Korea, and Japan.

A redesigned 718 powered by electricity has been spotted, exhibiting a charging port placed above the back license plate and a front storage compartment. This sporty electric vehicle is expected to be available in both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive forms, each with either a single or multiple motor setup. Although only the electric edition of the Boxster has been seen thus far, it’s probable that its coupe cohort will join it not long after.

Porsche has already exposed it can fabricate a (fairly) diminutive electric sportscar with the Mission R. It was a conceptual electric Cayman constructed on the outgoing pattern that evaluated roughly 3,306 pounds or only about 187 lbs greater than the serious Cayman GT4 RS. It even incorporated dual-motor AWD, so a single-motor RWD model would’ve been slightly slighter.

Following the release of the Macan EV in 2024 and the Boxster/Cayman EVs in 2025, Porsche is expected to introduce its new-generation Cayenne and a much larger SUV – both running exclusively on electricity – in the latter section of the decade.

Sources: SH Proshots, Road & Track

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