Portland’s Roadways Turned to Parking Lots in Heavy Winter Storm

Stuck for 7 Hours in Record Snowfall
Drivers stuck for more than 7 hours on I-5 during winter storm

The congestion during rush-hour in metropolitan areas is already terrible enough to manage, but when a car accident occurs, lane closures appear, and Portland drivers were presented with close to a record amount of snow accumulation last Wednesday – the meteorologists reported 10.8 inches of dusting. This event takes second prize for being the greatest snowstorm in the city’s history.

Paralysis descended upon the roads as congestion brought traffic to a standstill. In and near Portland’s downtown core, commuters on I-5, I-205 and I-84 were particularily badly affected. Seven hours of idling in parked cars was the unfortunate fate for many individuals, including a reporter and her cameraman from KGW8 News.

According to the journalist, vehicles occasionally went forward for a brief time period before halting again. They had just progressed a mere six miles in the opening five hours since the snow was mounting up quickly. As they drove along, the reporter spotted someone clearing the windshield wipers of their Subaru and another individual attempting to attach snow chains to a Toyota Prius. Furthermore, people were venturing out of their automobiles to flex and investigate what was causing the impediment in traffic.

An indeterminate amount of individuals emptied their tanks or picked to desert their automobiles, taking their fate into their own hands. Along with interstates, crossroads transformed into auto parks. At Northeast 41st Avenue and Wistaria Drive, a number of forsaken autos, two Ridwell trucks, and even a TriMet coach were left stuck on Saturday.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation announced the suspension of issuing tickets for abandoned automobiles, although it did emphasise that the owners were still responsible for the cost of any towing services. In accordance with KGW8 weather predictions, snow was likely to stay on the ground across the weekend, potentially making retrieval of these vehicles difficult and causing potential issues with Monday morning commutes.

If you’re stuck in a jam or stranded due to cold weather conditions, the most prudent course of action is to stay inside your automobile. Conserve fuel whenever you can and only start up the engine periodically in order to warm the cabin. Additionally, when traveling during frosty temperatures, it is advisable to ensure your vehicle has a full tank of gas, as well as blankets, fluids, and non-perishable snacks like protein bars stored in the car.

Source: KGW8 News

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