Rawlings’ 812 Ferrari: Wrecked or Not, a Crowd Magnet

Reviving a Totaled Prancing Horse: Ready for Showing

When Richard Rawlings of the YouTube channel Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings salvages an 818-horsepower Ferrari from destruction, makes some restorations, and then unveils it to a party of car fanatics; what transpires is incredibly captivating. He brings to attention the reaction of these onlookers and shows just how powerful the backstory of this vehicle is to everyone in the room.

Take a gander at the outright responses of aficionados to the Ferrari at a Cars & Coffee gathering in the Dallas region as seen in this video.


After Rawlings saved the Ferrari 812 Superfast, his team toiled diligently to make it fit and able for the road. It was subsequently dispatched to Norwood Auto Italia, a renowned Ferrari shop, for one remaining assessment. To their delight, it performs and maneuvers extremely well, requiring simply new tires now.

At the garage, the car then experiences the examination from Gas Monkey Garage. It passes with brilliant results and it was determined that everything is ready for its unveiling at a close-by Cars & Coffee. Rawlings is especially enthusiastic to find out what the people’s reactions are for this specific car since he hasn’t made up his mind about its next move yet.

Initially, Rawlings had the ambition of reselling the vehicle and generating $100,000 in income. He purchased the deluxe car for roundabout two-hundred thousand dollars and initially calculated that he would spend somewhere in between thirty to forty grand on the modifications. Despite this, he’s already spent a whopping thirteen thousand dollars on the essential pieces.

In order to gain a vantage point, the value of an immaculate 2019 Ferrari 812 Superfast is roughly estimated to be around $340,000. Therefore, it appears the ex-star from Fast n’ Loud has reached an impasse concerning what step to take next with his car’s construction.

Attendees at the gathering are surprisingly candid with their ideas. A man believes that the Ferrari should get wider proportions, while another proposes optimizing it for racing. Someone else wants to retain its OEM build and then give it a red coat.

Despite some unfavorable comments related to its physical appearance, all of those surveyed concludeed that they would still like to drive the car.

Following the gathering, the famed auto constructor is still uncertain. Taking a gamble on splurging far beyond forecasts should he decide mistakenly, there can be no doubt; considering Richard Rawlings’ net worth is $18 million this financial year, he very likely has some wriggle space in his allowance to complete this ludicrously stunning Ferrari whatever the outcome.

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