Revealed: All-New Chevy Traverse Images

No Market Release Until Next Year

In 2019, the Chevrolet Traverse was given a refresh, yet the platform on which it runs is still one that dates back to 2017. With more modern alternatives becoming available in the market, GM recognizes the requirement to bring their SUV’s capabilities to a higher level. Spotted in a recent set of spy photos is a precedent for a newer generation of the vehicle, yet its probable release date may be delayed until 2021. Even though there is no official confirmation, these same photographs give us an excellent concept of how it could potentially look like. recently supplied two new renderings, providing viewers with an unveiling of the designs for the prototypes that had been spotted testing near Michigan last month. Our first thought when witnessing these digital portrayals is that the Traverse is likely to acquire a more aggressive appearance while still holding onto some of its upmarket characteristics. Since much of the body frame carries by-now familiar attributes such as a high waistline and specific C-pillar joining side windows, the Traverse stays easily recognizable.

Up until now, we can tell that the version will not be doing away with its angular hind end and cuboid-like roofline. This is easy to make sense of due to the fact that there’s a 3rd row bench at the back. It looks like the wheelbase expediently might not be quite as long as the present iteration though because General Motors are trying to differentiate it further from its playmate, the Tahoe. There is one captivating detail at the rear of the vehicle which is the coast-to-coast LED band attaching the tail lights.

We understand very few particulars concerning what lies beneath the surface, but we are positive that the Traverse still hinges upon combustion capacity. The current version has a 3.6-liter V6 and furnishes 310 horsepower; there is a good probability that this unit will be moved to its successor. Smaller turbocharged engines likely will be present in addition to potential electrification. This won’t involve a complete battery-fueled model, but rather a mix of hybrid or mild-hybrid drivetrains.

When will the grand introduction of the brand new Traverse take place? Speculating in this preliminary stage is rather hard. Nevertheless, a broad estimation is an early 2024 release with the initial sales operations commencing several months after as a 2025 exemplar.


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