Ride in Comfort to Final Destination: Hearse by Rolls-Royce Ghost

Ghoster’s Unconventional Name

Eventhough the initial iteration of the Rolls Royce Ghost is considered one of the finest luxury cars that money can buy, its opulence doesn’t have to cease even after the occupants are unable to appreciate it anymore. This is why Italian auto-specialist Biemme Special Cars have used the illustrious British sedan as the platform for its latest hearse model, granting customers a high-end transfer to their ultimate destination.

Distinguished from its siblings, this iconic Rolls-Royce is known as the ‘Ghoster.’ Its front end gives off the same understated luxury of the sedan from which it originated; however, its side view shows itself to be unusually elongated and contains an expansive showcase to aggrandize the loved one inside.

Though not necessarily admired for its beauty, the Ghoster has a undeniable grandeur about it. The tall rear aspect preserves the traditional Ghost taillights and back fascia, which are seamlessly blended in.

The Specter unmistakably possesses considerably greater internal room and none of the backseat area designated for the bereaved is diminished. The trunk remains pure Rolls-Royce with lavish pashmina carpet, luxurious leather, and Birch wood overlays enriching the interior.

Weighing in at over 220lbs of noise-reduction material and a whisper-silent V12 motor, few cars run more quietly for a funeral cortege than the Roller. For further hush, your hearse should be driven by electricity. Apart from traditional trimmings – like an 18-speaker sound system – the Ghoster is also fitted with a Wi-Fi link to access the web.

Seemingly the pivotal element of the Ghoster, the casket section is an admirable provisional abode. Its form is tubular and its outer layer is forged of steel.

Biemme Special Cars has certainly gone the extra mile to make certain that the Ghoster seems like a default manufacture. The tempered side and rear windows possess a slight green hue much like the genuine glass, while the covering provides a silk-screen finish.

The rear area has been lined with eco-friendly leather material and stylish wood ornamentation that coordinates with the Birch inlays present inside the vehicle. For a touch of elegance, there is LED lighting that can be adjusted to personal preference.

Funeral homes keen on acquiring the Ghoster can have the fresh coffin decked out with the original chromatic Rolls Royce tones. There isn’t any word regarding cost, yet it’s reasonable to presume it shall require quite a premium. Despite being atypical, this is one of the more beautiful hearses around. The plain Maserati Ghibli appears like something you might order for someone you were not exactly fond of, and the Nissan Leaf edition pales in comparison to the Ghoster when it comes to grace and respect.

Biemme Special Cars fashions hearses from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, and Maserati luxury saloons for those who desire them.

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