RX-7 Roars at 35 Pounds of Boost on Dyno

Monster AWD Power: 1,145HP & 924 ft-lb Torque
BURNING OUT on an AWD Dyno! 1000 FT LB of 4 Rotor Torque!

The 3rd iteration of the Mazda FD RX-7 is considered one of the premier sports vehicles from the nineties. Its outward appearance appears to fit in nicely with its lightweight structure. Generating 252 horsepower from merely 1.3 liters of engine size, the 13B motor used a sequential twin-turbo system which was impressive in itself. Being that rotary engines are very weak in terms of torque, the potency output of this RX-7 is nothing if not outstanding.

Switching from the customary two-rotor motor to a four-rotor engine grants this RX-7 an incredible sound that’s a mix of a motorbike and a power drill. If you’re familiar with the Mazda 787B that conquered Le Mans, the noise is almost similar, spearheading one to ponder if both cars have the same R26B four-rotor motor.

The differences between the two figures are minuscule. On its first run, this RX-7 released 674 horsepower and 600 ft-lbs of torque at 6,000 revolutions per minute with a mild 10 pounds of boost. In terms of Le Mans specification, the 787B elicits an output within 600 to 700 horses.

The impetus is slowly increased to 15, 20, and finally 25 psi, resulting in a remarkable 1,000 horsepower and 847 ft-lb of torque being produced by the four-rotor engine. The sound emitted from this process is an unreal one, coming out so intensely that even those wearing ear protection are likely to have their teeth shaking and eardrums practically perforated.

At long last, they concluded on a pressure of 30 psi. The output of horsepower came in at 1,124 and torque declined to 841 ft-lb. They made a final attempt at 35 psi which corresponded to 2.5 times the atmospheric level observed at sea level. The 4-cylinder power source gave no indication of struggle despite the extra pressure, delivering 1,145 horses and 925 ft-lb of torque. There seemed to be more potential remain dormant however Rob Dahm was too frightened to take it further.

Prior to loading the RX-7 back into the previously concealed trailer, Dahm takes a few loops on the empty road. Not like an ordinary RX-7, this vehicle is armed with all-wheel drive and is equipped with drag radials. Nevertheless, it still attempts to drift every way, spinning each of its four wheels as the uncommon screech of the 4-rotor engine echoes in the dusk.

Source: Rob Dahm via YouTube

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