Slide Into F-150: Robotic Arm & Winch From Ford

Robotic Arm Upgrade for Next Pickup from Blue Oval

Two recently unveiled patent applications by the United States patent and Trademark Office uncovered that Ford is making strides in terms of creating an innovative sliding crossbar. This would make the task of loading cumbersome items much more straightforward and guarantee their security.

The original patent encompasses the fundamental layout and function of the innovation, whereas the second adds additional potentials to it with the incorporation of a robotic appendage.

Ford has delved deeply into exploring the potential usage and operational techniques. This patent outlines ways of both manual and digitized control, from basic to intricate levels based on the requirements of the consumer. All in all, we envisage these patents are paving the way for an abundance of pickup truck accessories.

The documentation indicates that the gliding crossbar is detachable, giving us reason to anticipate its efficient functionality. It could be installed on inclined pathways along the perimeter of the sleeping area, securely stabilized and sheltered to ensure uninterrupted efficiency.

Ford is able to retrofit the walls of trucks with a particular row and shield them from being damaged. This crossbar is made for trucks both already on sale, like the F-150 and Maverick, as well as those to be released in the future. The rails can move either manually or powered electronically, though it seems fitting to use the electronic choice, because of all the extra features it could include.

Going forward, the electronically operable version of this innovation has the capability to contain further features outside of being lightweight. For example, Ford puts forth that a camera and/or a radiation detector be built onto the stronghold in order to check what is being transported in the lorry. This may then authorize the retaining bar to place itself at the most elevated reach of anything being hauled, making certain it is safely secured. Furthermore, a hitch can also be fixed to the bar so hauling is more straightforward, furthermore boosting successfulness and prevention. This winch could even be movable right and left, providing added flexibility.

Since you possess the camera system in the bar, it would be careless not to consider a lighting system, which Ford refers to. The iconic Blue Oval too mentions that the crossbar could become compatible with BoxLink accessories and can enable their functionality from either a mobile device or the car’s infotainment display.

Boxlink™ | Ford How-To | Ford

As part of the subsequent patent, Ford has indicated that a camera/radar could be utilized to examine and distinguish loads. This is noteworthy as the following patent introduces an extraordinary feature, a robotic arm that can be used to hoist objects into the bed, and the optically-recognizing system would indicate to the driver whether the scanned item may be picked up by the arm or not.

Ford’s patent proposes an increased level of accuracy with the utilization of a laser pointer by the user, which the optical system of the crossbar could recognize as a potential for locking in to what should be grasped and placed.

After the system has assessed the load, the user can view scanned pictures. Should the arm misidentify the next element to be loaded, then the user could point out the right product by encircling or tapping the item on their display.

Once the robotic arm precisely pinpoints the article to be loaded, it can then be shifted left or right to guarantee it picks up the item snugly. All of these activities may also be initiated by way of voice commands. It is likely that the robotic arm can carry out all of these procedures in the opposite direction when unloading.

These days, a lot of advanced technology is encountered in our day-to-day lives. But this one seems as something that need to be accessible for the public. The only query would be the expense for the purchaser. Fortunately, FordPass points can now be employed for attachments and extras.

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