Tesla and Box Truck Collide: Repair Costs Startling

Truck Driver Blames Model 3 Owner, Who Responds with Video Evidence.

While operating his Tesla Model 3, Matt encountered an unforeseen situation; a box truck plunged into his vehicle. Unluckily for the driver of said conveyance, Matt had already activated his car’s onboard camera system. To his dismay, the other participant attempted to attribute fault to Matt. But, Matt was adamant that he hadn’t done anything wrong. Until the arrival of law enforcement, they both remained at the toll booth awaiting their judgment.

As the legend goes, mere minutes after the smashup, an officer of the New Jersey State Police showed up on the scene. Matt then presented the lawman with footage which had been recorded and archived by the Tesla Model 3’s TeslaCam. Despite the evidence, the officer insisted that a complete examination would have to be done, an investigation which could take as long as fifteen days to complete.

Seventeen days after the incident, the Tesla driver was given a copy of the officers’ assessment. Interestingly enough, it seemed that neither of the drivers would be entirely accountable for the collision, an even split in responsibility being handed out instead. The police investigation had uncovered that the box truck operator had not signalled as they merged, while Matt had also performed a merging manoeuvre at a similar point in time. Hence, blaming him exactly was considered a little bit unjustified.

The invoice for the Tesla was a staggering seven sheets long. The total amount of money came to a shocking $30,000.

View the above movie to review the fixes invoice and supplementary pertinent information. Besides, there exist 19 other TeslaCam chronicles in the video pursuing Matt’s narrative.

Once you have had a prospect to observe the clip and witness all the other occurrences, move to our comment region and let us know your thoughts. Are you of the opinion that Matt and the van driver both had responsibility with respect to the mishap? Were you astonished by the outlay of the crash renovation?

Might it be a good idea that all the newly developed automobiles come with pre-installed dashcams? Besides benefiting drivers, such cameras could also be advantageous to both governing bodies and insurance companies in ascertaining what exactly led to any particular accident or similar occurrences.

Source: Wham Baam Teslacam (YouTube)

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