Tesla Cybertruck Pre-Pro Beta Updates Revealed

Tesla’s Investor Day: Photos and Videos of Prototype
NEW Tesla Cybertruck Prototype at Investor Day

Attendees of Tesla’s Investor Day yesterday not only heard from executives about the organization’s long-term plans and their view of a lasting energy system, yet they also got the chance to glimpse at something that will become reality much speedier: the electric pickup Cybertruck.

Especially, a pre-creation beta edition of the Tesla Cybertruck that was shown at Gigafactory Texas prior to the event and that could be inspected in detail, including its inside, by the guests.

A multitude of people took advantage of the momentous opportunity to photograph and film the CyberTruck prototype, thus unveiling noteworthy alterations in the procedure. This is without doubt the most thorough view of the vehicle we have so far seen, so here are the main points.

Viewed externally, the Tesla Cybertruck generally looks more appealing up close than in pictures. That’s according to some attendees of the event, such as Matthew Donegan-Ryan or Sofiaan Fraval. This notion is also supported by a video review done by Tesla Daily.

Although certain slight misalignments of the panel gaps are still evident, thevehicle seems to have been more well-assembled than any of the models we have witnessed thus far.

The ultimate way that the full-hard, cold-rolled stainless-steel finish of the structural skin appears with the spotlights is breathtaking, while the truck bed region seems clean & neat even without the retractable tonneau cover being displayed.

The expansive windscreen wiper distinctly protrudes, and here’s to wishing that Tesla will eventually locate a more sophisticated alternative. The footage also reveals a variety of cameras encircling the Cybertruck, situated in the front bumper, part of the Hardware 4.0 Autopilot sensory array.

When it comes to the inner design, there’s lots to be said. As opposed to the tentatively-designed prototype, this vehicle includes a conventional steering wheel, though it does present a lessened top and bottom profile.

The vehicle also has comfy bucket-style front seats, rear seatbacks that can be folded in order to provide more area for the cargo, and a display situated on the middle tunnel between the forward chairs for rear occupants. The center console gives off an impression of being larger, however it is difficult to tell if it still operates as a jump seat like on the initial model.

Tesla’s continued advances are manifested in this prototype; we remain eager to note what appears next in the ensuing months. With an aim to commence initial manufacture of the Cybertruck this summer, larger-scale production is scheduled to begin in 2021.

Source: Tesla Daily (YouTube) via Teslarati


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