Tesla Cybertruck Spied With Glass Top and Black Tonneau

Detail Revealed: 2023’s Most Anticipated Vehicle

A new video has surfaced providing a glimpse of the Tesla Cybertruck, with its glass roof and black tonneau cover on display. As reported by Electrek, the clip reveals the prototype stealthily going about its business at an unidentified Tesla soiree.

At last, the highly-anticipated electric lorry is at last anticipated to kick off production before the finish of this current year in spite of incalculable postponements and snags.

Rumor has it that this certain model is being tested out in the automaker’s new engineering HQ situated in the State of California. Not too long ago we had a brief look at the towering Cybertruck set to its highest suspension setting, giving us a chance to catch a hint of what this up-and-coming car has in store for us.

It is unlikely that the glass roof beneath will be able to open, because of its location near the tonneau. Nevertheless, it does look great and undoubtedly gives the cabin a sense of airiness.

It’s quite intriguing that only the driver’s side headlight was lighting up, not the typical light bar. The back left taillight was likewise the only one glowing in this recording. Emergent models don’t seem to have power running properly yet. pic.twitter.com/zdOdRFKYKN

This prototype appears to have some minor issues; taking a closer look reveals just the left headlamp and taillight are functioning. We can assume for now that the car is running on a fundamental electrical system as Tesla adjusts its performance and maneuverability.

We’ve already had a look at the posterior of the completely finished rendition, including close-up snaps featuring a more traditional illumination bar, back lights on each side of the registration tag, and usual wheels. Likely, the glass ceiling observed here will be an choice, since we’re assuming lower-spec modals shall receive a metallic alternative.

Musk has previously voiced that the Cybertruck will come with an optional solar roof cap, which is said to grant 15 extra miles in range. Yet whether or not this feature will get the green light is still up in the air.

Unveiled back in 2019, the Cybertruck made waves and met with mixed reactions from the car industry. Although there have been those who have disapproved of its polarizing, sharp design – considering it just hype – there’s no doubt it’s achieved what Elon Musk had intended.

By November 2022, Tesla had accumulated an impressive 1.5 million inquiries for the Cybertruck, clearly demonstrating the eagerness there is towards the EV. Of course, not each pre-order will convert into an actual car deal, yet the amalgam of Musk’s character, Tesla’s fame for originality, and the Cybertruck’s offbeat styling make it a danger to the current lineup of electric trucks.

We hope that Tesla will manage to get it along the manufacturing line without any hitches, as the company has had some difficulties with product faults before.

At present, the only task we are to attend to is seeing photographs of the made indoors begin to appear.

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