: Tesla Unveils Ultra Red Paint Option for Models S & X

Pearl White Multi-Coat Paint: $3,000
Introducing Ultra Red

Tesla has disclosed a novel Ultra Red colour for the Model S and Model X automobiles, generated at its Fremont production facility.

It has been numerous years since the launch of the company’s flagship models, during which Multi-Coat Red was the only available hue. The situation changes now as a brand new shade has been introduced on the Model 3 and Model Y to replace the earlier color.

The Ultra Red paint finish will set you back $3,000 USD ($4,000 CAD for Canadians), which represents an additional expense of $500 when compared to the Multi-Coat Red alternative.

In the Fremont region, Tesla’s Model S and Model X come in a selection of beautiful paint hues. The tint options for these vehicles are spectacular; comprising of a good range of different tones from subtle to eye-catching. It is feasible to even opt for two-tone mixes with contrasting roofs! Some of the standout color choices incorporate metallic black, electric silver and a striking deep red. The Fremont area offers an exclusive array of Tesla Model S/Model X paint colors that are truly remarkable. There is everything from gentle shades to bold shades available. Plus, Tesla owners can even customize their cars by combining two tones, such as having a brightly colored roof complemented against a darker body. Eg. Electric black, sparkling silver and striking vivid red can be commonly seen.

The latest Ultra Red paint hue appears to be significantly more intricate and captivating compared to the previous Multi-Coat Red – evidently appearing darker.

Tesla has faced censure for its modestly sized palette of hues, leading them to bring out novel shades. It has kicked off with the Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver premium paints in Europe (Tesla Model Y constructed at the Giga Berlin installation, which was the first kitted out with a fresh painting facility).

We presume that, given the comments and action from the paint shop, we may soon observe the Ultra Red option for both the Model 3 and Model Y in the US, as well as some fresh hues sometime in the near future.

Check out a selection of pictures of Tesla’s outer body Model S in Ultra Red, accessible on the company’s online store! These snapshots will provide you with a visual understanding of the car’s eye-catching hue.

A new vlog from Met God in Wilderness has declared that manufacturing of Teslas with the Ultra Red color option is open and underway, with a collection of them being spotted in the facility’s parking lot.

Tesla Fremont 03/07 Possible Model X new color

Sawyer Merritt, a committed Tesla fan, crafted an intriguing assessment of the Ultra Red and Midnight Cherry Red hues in comparison to Multi-Coat Red.

The Giga Berlin facility has recently crafted a powerful vehicle – Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red. Utilizing the expertise of their staff, this revolutionary automobile provides impressive capabilities inside a sleek and grandiose form. Its superior performance is achieved through advanced comfort aspects and state-of-the-art technology. Acceleration and speed are great attributes due to its lightweight construction yet sturdy frame. Drivers of the Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red will undoubtedly be astounded by its grandeur and power. Giga Berlin have unveiled an incredible creation – Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red. With the expertise of the team at this facility, this magnificent car offers unrivaled performance within its chic silhouette. Its supreme ability comes from up-to-date features and innovative mechanics. Boosts of speed and agility are provided thanks to the lightweight yet structurally sound design. Those who experience the power of Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red will be astounded by its refinement and energy.

Quicksilver & Midnight Cherry Red – Made at Giga Berlin


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