The Camaro Camper Build: A Man’s Dream

Owner’s Transformation: Sprinter to Camper to Coupe Motorhome
I Converted My Car Into A Camper for $1,500 (World's Smallest & Fastest Camper)

“Van life” or camper living has been on the rise lately, but we may have just stumbled across the most unlikely motorhome of them all – a Camaro camper! This one-of-a-kind vehicle has been self-converted and is now a full-time home for its lucky owner.

In the video, the proprietor provides us with an extensive review of his confined dwelling space inside a Chevy Camaro. Additionally, he revealed that he changed from living in a Sprinter van to a SUV-transformed camper, and then eventually to this plight. It appears that minimizing his lifestyle was his intent – and it appears as if he’s succeeding.

If you’re in doubt, the Camaro camper is full-fledged with a functioning kitchenette, a self-refilling tap, an electrical hob, plus additional compartments for keeping washing products. Not only that, this caravaning saloon has babyproof padlocks and lockers complete with cutlery, disposables plateware and cookwares.

The downside of constructing a coupe motorhome is that it does not come with a refrigerator, thus requiring the proprietor to prepare uncomplicated meals such as canned soup and ramen noodles. Nevertheless, he can always go shopping for ingredients and whip up some homemade fare – effectively taking his home along with him in the process.

Locating the living area inside the Camaro camper conversion is easy. The owner has modified the interior with revitalizable magnetic LED strips for illumination and a Bluetooth-enabled clock which may in addition be exploited as a loudspeaker. The chair doubles as a living room as well as encompassing a hidden cubbyhole storage, while the bed hardly reaches 6 ft (183 cm) long and 30 inches (76 cm) large – sizable enough to adequately accommodate the proprietor of the RV’s 6-foot stature. Yes, it is perhaps a bit tight, yet that’s just the means by which it was intended. The bed includes a slim two-inch mattress along with a one-inch mattress topper, taking advantage of 3/4-inch Maple plywood for its construction.

The Chevy Camaro camper is energized by a solar array, which produces 1,000 watts and supplies 120 volts of electricity for the cooker. The system operates with rechargeable batteries, which are replenished by solar panels affixed to the top of the vehicle.

The proprietor asserts that, for number ones, he has a one-gallon moveable commode to hand; nonetheless, for showers and twos he leans upon his gym affiliation. The Camaro camper’s original backrests have been substituted with an autonomously created maple wood panel which furnishes an electric heating blanket both cushioning and storage.

Source: Solar Camper Car via YouTube

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